May Day, Beltane, Sun Cross-Quarter Day

Posted on April 30, 2014


The day that marks the weather start to the season of summer.

Our modern astronomy counts it as the middle of spring. It is actually the celebration of the marker of the Sun half way between the equinox and solstice of the growing season. As is typical with most holidays in our modern age we celebrate on a set date each year. However the exact date for the Sun’s return to 15 degrees of Taurus is May 6th this year. So you can celebrate wither day or both!

This is a very fertile, sensual, creative time of year for much of the Earth. The ancient celebrations were all about paying homage to the reproductive energy of this time. Ritual and gatherings were held in meadows and forests. The groups would gather in the nude to perform the rites of spring and growth. These always ended with the people of the group making love with each other to encourage abundant crops and the renewal of life.

In England, they decorated their wells on the 1st of May to encourage plenty of water all year. This is a form of a MayPole.

IN the Old Italian Strega practice, this is Tana’s Day. The day the life comes back to Earth in full splendor. It is part of the myth of Persephone and Hades.  This Day/time of year is the part where the girl escapes her underworld captor to become alive and vibrant once more.

May Eve (or April 30th…or this year also May 5th) is a good time to leave sweet treats in your garden for the fairy folk. This lets them know you are happy to have the help you tend your garden for the year.

Making baskets out of fresh flowers weaved together is also a fun tradition. Another interesting on is to “skim” the water off the top of your neighbor’s well to steal their luck and abundance for the year. This is not such a great idea, as doing something spiteful like this will only result in more loss for the person who tries it later. But it does speak to the fact that another envious or jealous person can suck our luck away by wishing we did not have it. That is why it is good to protect yourself with a horn necklace, a red ribbon or a bead or stone that looks like an eye. A mirror can reflect the negative energy of others also.

Fires are also a big part of the rituals of this day. You can smudge/purify your garden tools, bless your pets with the smoke or ash, and burn letters to the Universe in them. This is a good way to physically send your requests off into the other realm.

It is said that the dew collected on May Day morning will help to clear the skin and keep it young.

Walking in nature in the nude where possible is another activity that has been popular for thousands of years.

You can combine any of these to make your own personal celebration. It is a good six days to make your intentions to the Universe known. Creating lists and vision boards to attract the things we desire is very powerful now and will give them solid, long lasting energy.

Enjoy the day and the week! Take time to at least walk barefoot in the grass, lay in it if possible, feeling the connection to the Earth and all of the life within her. This way we recharge our base. and we really need that.