Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report April 28-May 2, 2014

Posted on April 29, 2014





Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

(Wear these in some way each day to boost your confidence and attract supportive energy.)

Monday (4-27): Cream, Silver, White, Lavender

Tuesday (4-29): Gray/Silver, Black, White, Red 

Wednesday (4-30): Brown, Gold, Yellow, Tan, Orange 

Thursday (5-1): Green, Burgundy, Turquoise, Purple, White

Friday (5-2): Purple, Orange, Pink, White, Red




Transformation right before our very eyes.


During the wee hours of the morning, the annual total eclipse of the sun occurred. While we could not see it with our human eyes, we are most assuredly feeling it…and have been for a few days. We will continue to see the effects as the week progresses.

As if a veil is being lifted or the vapors thing, we will notice and feel that the things we dared to only dream about plus much more are going to happen.

Monday and Tuesday are filled with the comfort and reassurance we have been needing to know that “Every little thing is gonna be alright” …truly.


We are also able to convey our thoughts, ideas and feeling with charm and persuasiveness. This is good for putting support in place to start moving on the “old/new” goal that has magically re-appeared in your lap. Mark it here, something that you had given up thinking could ever make anything or would not come to fruition is going to sprout a new, hardier, more robust and sturdy trunk to grow upon. The great part of this is the “Enthusiasm” we will be injected with. This is the by-product of creating something with love. It is the vapor given by the fire that is the spark of imagination and creation. It is simply The Creator with in everything.

Having many people experiencing and releasing the joyous vibration of this energy at the same time is a power healer and Bonding agent. The base flow we are working in now is very much about things we do being long lasting, enduring and stable.


Wednesday through Friday is an upbeat, fun loving, we can do anything we set our mind to energy that will help everyone life their outlook on the future a bit.

This is a perfect time to work up vision boards, alters, intention spaces, goal lists and letters to the Universe. Include the things we are working toward creating as well as things we need to let go of in order to make room for the “new” thing(s).

For an idea of what area of life to focus on, look at what was going on with our lives in April of 1996. Were you moving, marrying, having kids, retiring, changing careers, changing partners, single? Maybe you were in a status quo period. Whatever, these are the types of changes we can expect in our lives this year as well. (Sounds like things will be shifting for me…we bought our current home in August of 1996. And we started looking in April!)

Eclipses reveal hidden desires and talents. They also reveal our weak spots so we may shore them up. This one also helps to deepen connections and our ability to trust OUR instincts our gut, our intuition. Enjoy the happy feeling of the week. Be prepared for some very deep, meaningful, thought-provoking and even intense discussions. These are the stuff of which changing old habits and thought patterns are made up. Embrace and be ready to ride! Cheer’s to The Best!