Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report April 25-27, 2014

Posted on April 25, 2014


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors

(Wear these in some way each day to boost your confidence and attract supportive energy.)

Friday (4-25): Pink, Purple, White, Orange, Red

Saturday (4-26): Black, Brown, Blue, Silver/Gray

Sunday (4-27): Orange, Gold, White, Red

Monday (4-27): Cream, Silver, White, Lavender

Tuesday (4-29): Gray/Silver, Black, White, Red


Wednesday (4-30): Brown, Gold, Yellow, Tan, Orange


Thursday (5-1): Green, Burgundy, Turquoise, Purple, White

Falling apart, and yet still useful, just how we have been feeling.

Falling apart, and yet still useful, just how we have been feeling.



Hello Weekend!!! We are all very happy to see you!!!


It has been some emotional week that is for certain. Highest highs, lowest lows and all the ground in between. The weekend is the lowest energy of the month. We are headed to the new Moon on Tuesday early morning. This also brings a solar eclipse. And although most of the Earth will not be able to see it, we will feel the effects. This is an annual event and brings with it the change of growth and life. We are coming off a week that has seen us strengthening the most important relationships we have. We have also been examining the relationship we have with ourselves, other people, our Earth as well as money, careers and other ideals that we have held for years. And in some cases we are ready to cut the ties that are binding and begin a new trek without the old stuff. In others, we are prepared to figure out what we need to change in order to make it work to our Best.


What a nice respite this weekend is going to be. The energy is slowing down, we are going to be able to think things through more easily. We are going to be able to express ourselves without getting so flustered. PLUS we are finally going to being to feel like we are getting firm ground to stand on and solid directions in which to begin again. I told someone the other day I have been feeling like I cannot find my feet anywhere. I am not moving forward, backward or even in circles. I have been in limbo, unsure of what to do next and really zero motivation to try and figure it out. Like grasping at a fraying rope and watching slide through my fingers.

The good news is that I am not the only person who has been feeling this way…and neither are YOU!!! In other good news, as we head into next week, we are getting away from the intense energy moment that has had us all so jacked up and moving into a wave that will have us feeling more calm with confidence increasing daily that we can form a new plan, that will work and will bring us the happiness and abundance we are seeking.

This weekend, take it easy and if you feel sick or lazy, go with rest. We have been on an extremely intense energy wave for the last month. It is like running a dead sprint for 30 days. We just crossed the finish line. Now we need to fall down and pant and gasp for air, allowing ourselves time to simple regroup and mend a bit. Our intuition/gut feeling will be VERY accurate and coming at us from all directions. Keep paper and pen (or a place to text it to yourself) close. Visions, dreams, hunches, ideas will all be presented to help us get ready to get started next week after the new moon/solar eclipse. Write them down and remember. We will need to guides very soon.

Please, give each other a little slack. Be more patient, say something nice and reach out to someone who is struggling. Even if all you can do is hold their hand or make them laugh, those acts are just what everyone needs to be reminded that the hard parts of life do not last forever. And be NICE to your Self!!! We deserve it!