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Posted on April 22, 2014


This is the theme of the week…we are all the same, the same energy, the same basic vibration.
The following was posted by a friend of mine this morning and I am pasting it here with her permission. It goes so very well with Terry’s blog post this morning I, cannot help but know the Universal language is speaking to everyone.

from Lana Sweeney 4-22-2014:

“We’ve grown so accustomed to our physical life that we forget how huge that other part of us is. Your physical world has masked who you really are, you are NOT your body, you are NOT your worries and fears, not even close. Who we are is so much more than that and those we love who have died and left us have done neither! Not only are they neither dead nor gone, but in most cases, they are more a part of you now, than they were when YOU considered them “alive.” They ARE speaking, but are we listening? They are telling you how to love them NOW and at the same time heal your heart along with so many others. They feel your every emotion. When you light up, you light them up and when you’re sad or hurt, they feel your pain. They want to reunite with you just as much as you want to with them, but with one small difference; they “know” this reunion is real now and you, who are still focused in the physical, can’t yet see how that’s possible. From where they are, the word and the feeling of jealousy can not even be understood, so when you love someone, it is as if you are loving them. Correction, loving anyone IS loving them. We intellectually understand the concept of, “we are all one”, but they actually live it and feel it in real time. They have been asking us to dance. The invitations continue to come, but we don’t recognize them as such and they are written in a language we have not yet learned to understand. There is a different message for all of us, but there is also one that is universal…………..

“I want you to know that you DO touch me still, and I love you and know that I always will; everyday just out of the blue, my world starts to glow and I know that it’s you; it doesn’t matter which world or how many miles, you still illuminate my life with all of your smiles; you touch me in the moments that you wish for one more day, and I know that you can’t see how you touch me in that way; every time you love someone another part of me glows, so make me your star up in heaven and give your love out in droves.” “”

Love you ladies…thanks for inspiring my life and my day!

Who I am

What a windy, chilly day. For the next few days we, here in Indiana, will be experiencing some last taste of winter. Frost over night and cooler days in the day hours. Spring has taken a hard road to reach us here in the Midwest, but I believe that it will remain and turn those buds into blossoms and the flowers into those we can smile at.

I had a comment earlier from a dear friend AR. She mentioned something about Moving Towards the Light. It caught and held my attention. Moving towards the light. It rolls smoothly from my tongue.

Each of us, no matter who we are, are moving towards that light or the last days of our lives. It seems that it is miles away for some. For others, it starts to enter our mind as we age. With me turning the big 60 yesterday I thought…

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