Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report April 22-25, 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross

Posted on April 22, 2014


Personal Power Boosting Colors For the next seven days:

Tuesday (4-22): Silver/Gray, Black, Red, White

Wednesday (4-23): Brown, Gold, Green, Orange

Thursday (4-24): White, Turquoise, Burgundy, Greens, Blues, Lavender

Friday (4-25): Pink, Purple, White, Orange, Red

Saturday (4-26): Black, Brown, Blue, Silver/Gray

Sunday (4-27): Orange, Gold, White, Red

Monday (4-27): Cream, Silver, White, Lavender

Tuesday (4-29): Gray/Silver, Black, White, Red

Della being as cute as she is able!

Della being as cute as she is able!


Wow!!!! What a week, what a month and , well let’s be real…what a year. For all of those who thought getting out of the year that ended in “13” would change things and make them not so rough….The Universe is laughing. With us, not at us. Seriously, prophets have written about these years for eons. We are living in the time of the prophets (to quote a very awesome Rush song). Well, one could expect a challenging, tumultuous time to be had if that is the case. Major shifts, changes and life becoming almost unrecognizable are all around everyone. Our Earth is changing and we the people who are using this place to live as Humans can feel it, strongly.

This week we are in between a VERY intense lunar eclipse and what is to come: an even stronger solar eclipse. What is happening now, on the in between is nothing short of a once-in-several-generations line up of the heavenly bodies (as we watch and feel from our home Earth).

(For your information, nothing in the Universe EVER lines up in the exact same angle twice, so this is really a one-time, won’t ever happen again “just like this” event.)

This event of planets, the Sun and Moon lining up in a cross pattern in the sky is over the top with challenge and intensity. It is a bit like trying to stand on shifting sand in the ocean. We get our footing for a moment, and then is it washed away and we must begin again to find a place to anchor…which only lasts for another moment or two. No, this will not last forever, but it will make some large waves and lots to think about.

Tuesday and Wednesday are days we will be at the pinnacle of this energy. These are days we will be looking at our past. Not just the recent months or even couple of years. We are going to be examining large chunks, decades in some cases. We are going to be noticing how much we have changed since we started after goals we set, even from childhood. We are going to realize that things did not turn out according to the plan or vision we had five, ten , twenty even 30, 40 or 50 years ago. Some of that is due to the fact that we decided to do something different. Some is due to the fact we did not make an effort to accomplish the original plan. Some of us will find it is because our Best life was not in that vision. We are going to be looking at our faults, our areas that we are not 100% the best we could be. We are going to feel badly about those behaviors. We may get mad, sad, hurt, depressed and grieve about the things we did not do that we cannot go back and re-do. This is ALL NORMAL and a part of this intense CROSSROADS in our part of The Universe. The key here is to take time to look over these things, events, choices and actions, slowly, thoroughly and evaluate. How does this work in the reality we are living now? Because NOW is the ONLY TIME THAT MATTERS. It is the only TIME that is REAL!!!! All other time…before NOW and after NOW, is not real. Those are our perceptions of what happened or what might.

To make the most of this energy, we need to look at the path we have taken to get to this moment. What parts worked? What did not? What do we absolutely HAVE to LET GO OF in order to make the rest of our life The Best of our life? This goes for each person as one and our world/societies together. We have pulled some real boners. And we have had some very miraculous successes. These are the foundation upon which we will build the next phase of our lives (together and separately). Take time ALONE to evaluate what it will take to break free of the “old way” and break into a New Way of living and being. We are restless, wanting to change, but longing for a chance to keep what has become comfortable. Change requires we consume and eliminate. When we do that, we will grieve a bit for what has gone by. This is typical and should be allowed. However, we CANNOT get stuck in the pity-party. We need to make an appearance, acknowledge that we must go on, and then leave with the parting gift of experience and wisdom. Both of which will be our guiding lights into the next yet-to-be-known Now.

Thursday and Friday, we will begin to feel more peaceful, dreamier, more intuitive and more visionary. Our visions of what can become of our future will be vivid and important. So will our sleeping dreams. Be sure to keep pen and paper, keyboard, voice recorder or even a good friend handy to tell things to as they come to us. We are going to need to use this information to begin the journey into Now.

Expect to feel more tired, slower and even a bit exhausted by the weekend. The Moon is in the lowest phase, plus the Sun moving to Taurus makes us want to relax, slow down and recreate. Get extra sleep, nap, meditate, commune with nature, whatever it takes to get a charge in the soul. We need and deserve it.

***Things to watch-Flash tempers, saying things that are hurtful, being impatient, delays in projects or plans, spending too much money. Accidents involving flames and explosions are also likely. Communication becomes more drawn out and thorough, so not expect people to think or talk quickly. This is truly a perfect time to stop, take stock of life and start forming the plan for the next steps.

We will not see much in the way of new progress until the end of May. Take time to draw up a list of what needs changing, eliminated and added between now and then. It will help when we start things moving again.

Help each other; support your friends, strangers, loved ones and WAIT to say the things you think. If it is not kind or helpful, keep it to yourself. Give everyone some extra time to find their bearings. Give as much consideration as you would like to get. Remember we all feel this energy and all have to swim in the same Universal Ocean waves. Be willing to share your floatation devices. You might need someone to share theirs at some point soon. Much love and All The Best…thanks for always being here for me!!!