Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report April 11-14, 2014

Posted on April 10, 2014


Personal Power Colors For the week:

Friday (4-11): White, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red

Saturday (4-12): Black, Brown, Blue, Silver/Gray

Sunday (4-13): Gold, Yellow, White, Orange

Monday (4-14): White, Cream, Lavender, Gray

Tuesday (4-15): Black, White, Silver/Gray, Red

Wednesday (4-16): Brown, Gold, Yellow, Orange

Thursday (4-17): Turquoise, Burgundy, Green, Purple

A picture of me taking a picture...Ha ha!

A picture of me taking a picture…Ha ha!


The weekend is made for getting things done! It is an optimal time to do business and make connections of all types. Friday and Saturday are good for detail work and doing things to improve/support our health. A great time for cleaning and clearing-home, emotions, relationships, business-as we approach the full moon (coming early Tuesday morning…complete with a visible eclipse!).

Things to watch for are ….the temptation to fly off the handle, be impatient, get angry and say things that we will later regret. Also, we are itching to do fun and frivolous things instead of being responsible. Be extra careful not to over spend, over eat, over drink or over dose on alcohol or drugs. We are in a mode of do it until there is no more, but that will be a big mistake. Pay all your bills first, designate a driver that does not drink and stay away from all drugs that can lead to death if over used…stimulant or depressants. The age old “All Things in Moderation”….

There is a wonderful wave of creating beautiful works of art, writing, song, food even love. Just be sure to understand that with anything new, a blending must happen. AT times this means that some things might have to be shifted or even let go/removed from our lives to make room for the new. When it involves the lives of two people, it is important to include all the other people from both sides of the relationship. That is not always easy, however, if the new relationship is necessary for the Best life on both sides, the other people will be accepting. Be considerate of the feelings of those who are not used to the new “you”. Stand your ground but do not toss away those who have helped you become the person you are now.

As many of you have noticed, the energy is very tumultuous. Things are moving, changing, appearing, disappearing. Challenge to stay with those shifts and make the most of them without becoming angry or despondent is a part of this as well. Try to remember that nothing ever turns out exactly as we think it will the first time we imagine it. Also know that if we keep the vision of Being our Best in the end result, at the culmination of our goal quest, we will find that out first vision was simply a blueprint for The Best Life to be built upon.

Stay safe. Do NOT fly off the handle, even if your buttons get pushed. Stay away from those that you know might set you off. Also be ware of anyone who might be unstable or may get angry at you for silly things. Fights are likely with such people. If you cannot stay away from them, be ready to walk away if the situation gets unpleasant or even dangerous.

There is a possibility of people be delusional. We have seen some of this in the news already this week. Be on your guard and be ready to find a safe place if needed.

Also, if you are pushed to do something you do not really want to do or do not feel comfortable doing…use your parent, spouse or boss as a good reason why you cannot do it. Authority can be a good thing sometimes, use it if you need to.

Follow your intuition and gut first. We will have extra strong “knowing” feelings during this entire week, use them to your advantage.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support. As I journey along my Best path, I do not always feel 100% confident or ready, sometimes I do not even really understand how all of this is even helping me or you. But I Know in my heart, soul that it is. I feel it and I know that even though my first vision of how all of my study and work were going turn out is not even close to what I thought…I am exactly where I am supposed to be in order to live My Best Life. And so, I continue to walk, the path that appears. Thanks, sincerely, humbly and totally….I am grateful that you are here with me. I need you and I am glad to know you need me too.