Weekend Power Colors and Energy Flow Report April 4-6, 2014

Posted on April 4, 2014


Personal Power Boosting Colors by Day:

Friday 4-4-14: Pink, White, Orange, Purple, Red


Saturday 4-5-14: Blue, Brown, Black, Silver


Sunday 4-6-14: Yellow, Gold, Orange, Red


Monday 4-7-14: White, Cream, Silver, Lavender


Tuesday 4-8-14: Red, Black, Silver/Gray, White


snow crocus...late this year!

snow crocus…late this year!




Sleep seems to be eluding many of us this week. Blame goes to the shift in energies and the changing pressures for that. There has been a lot of seismic activity in the US and South America this week. The planets are in the midst of some major moves that will peak (in some case) next week. Some VERY long and intense ones will just begin next week. So the pressure is on high in the “cooker”, so to speak.


Let’s just look at the weekend and I will post the outlook for next week Sunday morning. We deserve to enjoy the next couple of days without a bunch of worrying about the energy waves (that we cannot control anyway) that we will be dealing with next week. And for all of you uber-worriers out there, we have some VERY LUCKY and helpful stuff coming to help balance the challenges also.


A home and family focus will be with us this weekend. We are feeling up, energetic, perhaps even anxious and unable to sleep for very long. The creative energy and building shift in communication/thoughts energy has us reeling with new ideas, reworking old ideas, revisiting relationships with others, money, behaviors, habits, health, home and anything else that might be the thing we need to revamp in order to make the change we FEEL DEEP INSIDE HAS TO HAPPEN during this year.


This is a good couple of days for all things that have a home/family focus. Spend time cleaning, clearing, making repairs, re-decorating. Also family gathering, even if it a game/movie night, watching old re-runs, or a walk outside together or a project that includes the whole family, this will be a good way to strengthen the most dear relationships we have.


Be sure to think wisely about spending any money and do not commit to anything that you are not sure you can follow through with. Lick is everywhere, most of it good. Some accidents are likely, so take extra care in travels or risky activities (ladders, saws, hammers, guns, walking around the pool/pond-you get the idea). Also, our patience is a bit thin and tempers are on the short side…be ready to walk away from any arguments that are not worth your time. And count to ten (or 20) before flying off the handle. You want to meter your true reactions to real info, not knee-jerk emotions.


Enjoy the weekend and be sure to take some moments doing absolutely nothing except relaxing for your self. We deserve it…heck, we have earned it!