Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report March 26-31, 2014

Posted on March 26, 2014


Personal Power Boosting Colors for this Week (The strongest listed first.)

Wednesday (3-26): Brown, Green, Orange, Yellow, gold

Thursday (3-27): Lavendar,White, Burgundy, Turquoise

Friday (3-28): Pink, White, Purple, Orange, Red

Saturday (3-29): Black, Brown, Silver, Blue

Sunday (3-30): Gold, Orange, White, Red

Monday (3-31): Silver, White, Lavendar, Cream

Tuesday (4-1): Black, Silver, White, Red

Wednesday (4-2): Green, Brown, Yellow, Gold, Orange

Venus (lower left)  and the crescent moon were showing off this morning!

Venus (lower left) and the crescent moon were showing off this morning!

As mentioned, we are in the midst of a lucky streak. Most of it will be good (luck can be not good…as we know).

Opportunities and support for our goals/dreams will be coming from all directions, many of them will be where we least expect to find them. The key is to be open, share your ambitions and be ready to say yes to the commitment. That will be the most difficult part. As we move from our “now” into the next reality we are creating, we will have to make choices of what we are going to give up and/or change in order to make room for the “new”.
And we all know how hard it is to let go, especially of things we might have many years, even decades of doing, being, acting, living.

As much as we always want to stay in the comfort zone…that is not where or HOW we grow. The evolution of a seed into a fruit bearing plant does not allow for “staying” the same. Many of us have experienced physical growing pains at some time in our lives. If not personally, through our children or other loved ones. I am certain that the seed as it splits and reveals the plant with in must feel some sort of discomfort. And so it is as we grow emotionally, spiritually and mentally. As our life changes, some things will b difficult to let go of and we are going to miss them…for a while.

Anyone who has children, parents or has lived life for any length of time knows that NOTHING, NOTHING and NOTHING lasts forever. School, jobs, people, hobbies, interests, food preferences, everything has a time it is the “norm”. And all of those things eventually run their course and end. And, we ALWAYS find something else to fill the time. Fear not the shift and change, it is how we are able to become The Best Me we can be!

Through Thursday 11:30 a.m. EST, golden moments for making contacts and asking for help. It is also prime to to offer support to those who need it. If you have it to give, now is the time to offer. That includes advice, money, time and things. Most likely, we will be in BOTH the receiving and giving positions. That is the wonderful balance of life. Watch for the chances and do not hold back on the ask or the offer. The reward down the road will be better than our imagination can hold. This wave lasts on into next week, so keep eyes and ears open!

The weekend will be low on energy but high on opportunity. It will feel like we are in a hurry, and the time will go by fast. There is a chance we will be a bit impatient as well, so keep the temper in check and do some breathing to help calm the inside.

The new moon ( first one of spring) happens Sunday afternoon. this is the time for writing out the list of steps or actions it will take to achieve the goal or dream you have in mind for the coming weeks, months or even years. It is also a good time to write a letter about something we want to let go of, a hurt that we have been holding onto or a challenge that has us stumped. Write it, read it the either shred, rip or burn it up. No matter which way it is destroyed, keep the vision of the thing you want to be released being torn up or burn and flying away into the Universe as pieces, no longer a whole thing. This makes it POWERLESS over us…because it is no longer the “whole” that was causing us pain, frustration or blockage.

Be careful with words as some of us may be in a mode of saying hurtful things. And it is not a good idea to be hurtful, with words or actions. We kn ow that what we do and think sends out a wave indicating we would like more of that…so be sure to ATTRACT how you want to be treated, by holding that mean comment or NOT saying something that will hurt another, even if you feel it to be true at the time. No good ever comes of making someone else feel badly.

The weekend is also good for getting together with friends and loved ones. Do something fun with someone you enjoy being with. Then share the tale with someone who might not be able or want to do that thing. Enjoying stories of the adventures of others is a good way to help them relive a fun memory and a good way for us to share in that, even if we do not want to participate.

Next week looks like it will be time to slow down to control. No hasty decisions and lots of  consideration will be in the mix.

Enjoy this New Moon weekend and the energy of growth it brings!

Glowing in the January sunshine 1-8-2012

Glowing in the January sunshine 1-8-2012