Weekend Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report March 21-23, 2014

Posted on March 21, 2014


Weekend Personal Power Boosting Colors (in order of preference)

Saturday: Blue, Brown, Gray, Black

Sunday: Gold, Orange, Yellow, Red, White

Monday: White, Cream, Lavender, Silver

A nice shot from our trip to Foxworthy's last weekend. I love moss!

A nice shot from our trip to Foxworthy’s last weekend. I love moss!


Our weekend is full of fun, friends, gathering, big ideas, optimism and generosity.

The mood will be upbeat, so enjoy. It is a good weekend for thinking about how you will use the assistance and opportunities that will be finding us next week.

A big wave of good luck is coming at us (all of us) next week, so we need to prepare now. And some (not all) of us will also have a needed and deserved feeling of euphoria, a time of knowing and feeling that everything is well in the world and it really will all be okay.

Keep in mind our clarity is not good, in fact we need to be cautious of errors due to lack of attention. Double/triple-check the facts, measurement, intersection and instructions to avoid a costly mistake.

What is great now is making anything or enjoying things others have created. We are pulling inspiration and ideas out of the ether through our psychic antennae. Share what you are given. If you are not the “doer” then be the admirer. All wonderful things need to be enjoyed as well as made, and it takes more than one person to do that. It is a balance, a give and take.

Blockages and obstacles will be everywhere also. We have to learn to work in the given parameters. This means instead of trying to push our way through in the manner we (at first) thought it HAS to go, pull back, regroup and figure a work around for situations that stop short of getting us to the goal. If you meet resistance, stop and try something else. Have the conversation later. Go with a different idea. Compromise. But know, if you try to bull and plow ahead when the way is blocked, you will waste energy and become discouraged for no reason. Also you will miss out on The Best path the Universe has to offer.

Enjoy the weekend. Share a good meal, coffee or long phone call with someone special. Give something away and make room for the new that is coming. We are going to be doing a lot of that next week, might as well practice now.