Amber Light BOLO March 20-21, 2014

Posted on March 20, 2014


The End.

That is the energy we are dealing with mostly, which is actually the Beginning.

The full moon is causing all of us to evaluate how well we are taking care of our OWN Self….not something most of us do. Letting go of past hurts, old behaviors and negative thought patterns are in the mix (and have been all week). There is also a very dangerous energy that can cause some of us to overdo it with the relaxants. Be careful with alcohol, pain meds, muscle relaxers, never pill and such as it will be easier to overdose or over use now…the energy wave makes it take LESS to feel the effects, so be safe and arrive alive! Live to party another day! Running away might seem like a good option as well, but it will only prolong what is happening. And we cannot run away from our own self, so take the chance to face the giants and get rid of them once and for all.

Issues, situations and questions we have been working on are beginning to get the information needed to work on the resolutions. As this happens, we are setting up for things to change permanently. No one enjoys the process but The Best Thing is always happening. And The Best changes, sometimes daily for us. Which means we be changing too. The good thing about this flow is that we will start to feel as if we are going to make it through all of the turmoil and craziness we have been dealing with.

Our dreams, visions and intuition are ramped up on high. Take advantage of this extra power to help know deep down what decisions are The Best.

Be aware that there will be sadness with feelings of regret and guilt mixed in as we are able to finally let go of some very long term issues that have been causing us stress and taking up our valuable energy. Once we overcome the fear of the unknown (how we will be different once we no longer have this “problem” “habit” or “attitude” as part of our identity) the leaving behind of this heavy, used up “refuse” will give us peace and room to allow in the positive Best that the Universe is sending us. Allow yourself to feel the emotions, just do not stop there and linger. Have the hurt, hold the sadness, feel the regrets, then let them move on out into the universal flow and go, go, go!!!

A very creative week with lots of support and opportunity is coming up. Take time to finish the plan for how you are going to overcome and change the lifestyle areas you want to improve ~short and long term~. We want to be ready to take advantage of any action that might come our way.


Sunny day makes you want to live forever!

Sunny day Saturday….day makes you want to live forever!