Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report March 17-21, 2014

Posted on March 17, 2014


Personal Power Boosting Colors For the Week march 17-21,2014

Monday: Lavender, White, Cream, Silver

Tuesday: White, Black, Red, Silver

Wednesday: gold, Brown, Yellow, Green

Thursday: Turquoise, Burgundy, Green, White, Purple

Friday: Pink, Orange, White, Purple, Red


Good Morning and Luck of the Irish to You!!!


(Wonders if having the luck of people who had such a horrible famine they had to literally eat dirt and were considered scourge in the early years of the building of this country is a good thing?)


We are feeling and reeling from the full Moon which happened yesterday. If the weekend was wild, weird, fun and at the same time serious…enjoy the ride with us!


We are feeling draggy still, which has to do with some slow energy waves that we have been dealing with.

We are moving into a very high intuition, gut-feeling and imagination stimulation flow. Which means the analytical will be hard to deal with and hard to use. We will have two VERY acute weeks of this, where things are going to be fuzzy, not clear and best if we do not try to see any details.

It will lighten a bit the first week of April, but now is not the time to try to use our brain to figure things out. Our heart and gut are going to be the more accurate tools for the coming couple of weeks, so use them, trust them and LISTEN to them!


This full Moon has brought in to our “must deal with it” aspects of our personality that we DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the phrase “Suck it up, Buttercup”.

We are human, we are habitual and we get stuck. BECAUSE deep down we are programed to survive, we cling to the things that we find success in repeatedly. The issue with that is we cannot grow in the same old soil forever.

If you have ever had house plants you will know that at some point, you have to add fresh dirt. And Nutrients. Same goes for everything that has energy…meaning everything.

Growing stretches. Sometimes we stretch a little further than we thought we could. And later it hurts. Sometimes it hurt right away. But as with the muscle soreness, we find that with time and repetition, the pain goes away and it becomes used to a new “typical” way of being.


As we go through this adjustment and meet the challenges (that are coming no matter our effort to stop them), it is important that we strengthen the relationships[s that are supporting us. It is also as important to find a way to end relationships that have run their course and are no longer healthy for any part of our Human Being.

The most important thing to remember while doing this is to be KIND…considerate and SLOW to react. This means to others as we are trying to regain balance while we let go of weight. (It has to re-distribute, you know. When we let go, we make space, so our energy, our life, our thoughts have to level out to become balanced once more.)

We need to be kind to our self. We should start by being nice, kind, complimentary and uplifting to our self each day. This will then help us be the same way to others.

If you are an artist in ANY medium…Now it prime time to create. If you are not so inclined, now it the time to take in your favorite things. This is a peak creative wave and many beautiful, magical wonderful things can be made within it. Oh…and it comes to me to remind everyone: The is no person that cannot and does not make memories. So if you can do nothing else, do something that you will remember 20 years from now. That energy is creative and will satisfy for a lifetime.


Full Moon rising 3-15-2014

Full Moon rising 3-15-2014