Overcoming the Winter Blahs 2014

Posted on March 12, 2014



owl face in wood grain


I have been having a difficult time writing lately. I have, as many so many of us have, been feeling scattered, un-motivated, uncertain, even stuck by one or more challenges that seem like they might gain the upper hand at time recently.

To that I say: Go With The FLOW. How does it feel most comfortable? And you know it is not the “old way” because the “old way” is what brought us to these moments. “The Flow” for example might be exercising more often, eating less, eating more healthy foods, changing our budget, opening our mind to a new way of thinking, embracing an inevitable change. Deep in our “core” our center, in the spot of us that “knows” when things are vibrating for The Best, we will feel that this new effort is attracting The Best us possible.

The Flow lately has been made up of a lot of waiting and fielding the aftermath of intensive energy waves that began our year. Some moving forward has begun, luck has been shifting over the past couple of weeks and a feeling of hope/knowing that all is well has been seeping in.  Our progress will be made in things we have already talked of, thought about, researched, previous contacts and even people from our far past. Be open, be ready and take time to focus on the Health of You. The message of loving ME, loving the Body that our Spirit is privileged to reside in is important. This feel of the energy is that we need to give some respect to this vessel and give it some TLC. In doing that, we will inevitably improve the health of our mind as well as our spirit.

The Ego gets a very bad rap from so many teachers and gurus. I would posit to all of you…how would we exist without the physical drive? I feel that we have been guided and coached to dislike a part of our Human Being that is non-negotiable. It is the same as viewing one of your arms as detrimental, so we do not use it, try to ignore it and find ways to get rid of it.

Instead how about we start trying to find ways to make it useful, find things for it to do? Like we do with our “less” dominate arm. Everyone uses both of their arms. Think about what your do with each arm that only that arm/hand combo does well. Even though one side seems like you use it less, there are certain things it does BETTER than the other hand. Try combing your hair with the opposite hands doing the job of combing or holding/smoothing. Pay attention to the fact that the hand you typically comb/brush with does not hold or smooth the hair as well as your other hand. Try some other two-handed tasks and notice.

Ego is a powerful part of our personality. It can take over and cause us to miss out on the fullness of a blended life. It will cause us to make rash and uninformed decisions. But it can also be useful. WE have to learn how to engage it in ways that it supports our goals instead of sabotaging them. Here is a post that is a good starting place. I will post other ideas and tips this week that will help us to convert the energy of “Fighting Against Ourselves” into “power of success”.

And that is how you blow out the cobwebs, climb back up on the horse and pull the trigger on lifestyle changes. Just Do It. Step, step, step, step. “No matter is it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear…”  Shake off all of the “ego” thoughts of how you should have already done this, it has been so long since that, who will wonder what the hell is wrong with you and why you are changing, those are the survival instinct kicking in from the Ego. Because it is programmed to make us think that doing the same thing is safest and therefore guarantees our survival it makes us doubt any change we try to make. It makes us DOUBT EVERY change we ever try to make.

Read that one again: The Ego makes us DOUBT EVERY CHANGE we EVER try to make.   MEANING We will DOUBT every change that happens. The key is to allow our self to feel the doubt, feel the fear of the unknown and then LET GO of that focus and move into the Best reality.