Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report March 3-6, 2014

Posted on March 2, 2014


(Power colors for this week in order of most powerful color for that day) 

Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Silver, White, Cream, Lavender

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Red, White, Silver

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Gold, Yellow, Green

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Turquoise, Burgundy, Green, Purple

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Pink, Orange, Purple, White, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Gray, Blue, Black

Fat Dog looking as cute as the law will allow!

Fat Dog looking as cute as the law will allow!

Feeling slow, low, sluggish, tired, out of energy, lacking motivation and drive? Yep, everyone else is too. A big percentage of our energy waves are in slow motion now. Some are headed forward, some are going to have us in re-view, re-organize mode, but this week we are definitely going to be feeling the effects of how slowly it all is moving.

Headway is not a thing we will be making this week, so do not try. If you meet with resistance, go try something else, because there is no way it is going to be “worked” out this week.

The things we can do with this energy week: We can start looking at our finances and seeing where we want to invest in our future. Long term plans should be listed and the components should start being gone over. What will it take in time, money, resource and commitment to achieve the plan at hand. Action, responsibility and resources are not going to be flowing freely until we get into summer. What is working now is the ability to thoroughly investigate what it will take to make a solid foundation for success in our biggest, wildest dreams. Our relationships: romantic, partnerships, family, friends, bosses and colleagues are all very much in focus now as well. It is a good time to re-evaluate those important and meaningful ones and find ways to deepen and strengthen them. It is also a good time to pull away or even end those that are taking energy away from us but not giving anything back to replenish us. One way is not going to work this year. The same old thing is not going to keep us going either. We have until almost the end of May to work through the “re-do” to be ready for the race.

***For my Aries and Scorpio friends…the next couple of months may be extra trying for you. You can be sure that things will have to be re-sone. Plans will backtrack and perhaps even go opposite of what you originally thought. There will not be much progress or ability to get things resolved. This is mot easy for you guys. My best advice….do not try to start anything new period. Do NOT TRY to plan everything out to the letter. Go over contingency plans and be sure to have a plan “C” and “D” to go with “A and B”. This is the only way you will make it through the next three months without exploding or imploding. Nothing can be pushed into working now, so you have to WAIT for the timing to play out. Find healthy, constructive ways to distract yourselves, you will need them.***

Purchases, computers and traffic should all be much better this week, for most people. We are also in a lucky streak now, for some as well. The money/resource fairy is out there and has been gifting people with unexpected cash and freebies all week, WE can expect more of that this week, and even into next. As we get into next week, we will find that our efforts to save money and cut spending will show up in more cash flow! Family and home remain the main focus of our finance minds, so keep after the things that will make home feel nicer, more comfortable and secure.

There is a sexy vibration that lasts through next week that many of us have been noticing. The other thing it bring with it is the tendency to argue…the tension will either make you or break you. It is enjoyable if you can manage the aggravation that goes with it. We will definitely be feeling strong attractions.

On Monday, take a chance, step out and make sure that those who have the means to invest in you know what you are working on. The results might take time to be completely seen, but Monday is the day we need to be sure that those in positions to help us know that we want the assistance. And if you have it to give, watch for that person who needs your help.

Monday and Tuesday are quick paced days. These are day s we will be forced to stick to schedules and the typical ways, as opposed to going off on some of our dreamy visions and trying a wild idea. Spacing out is what we are going to want to do. We will have to take care of some responsibilities, but we can take time to sing, dance, read, write, make something or just spend time thinking around about stuff.

Wednesday and Thursday are shifting energy days, with a slow, methodical pace thrown in. Expect to feel tired and like you are extra heavy. These days have extra lasting power, so if you want it to stick, these are good days to make an effort at whatever you want to turn into a habit. We are going to want to be comfortable and at home as well.

We have a wave that is boosting our thoughts and dreams for the future. It lasts until summer. This wave does not know the meaning of “can’t”. It also can over indulge and does not look at the obstacles that will have to be met in order to succeed. That is where the other energies will help. This is a powerful motivator and conductor of success. We need to be aware and use it well over the next few months.

Have a great week. Look for the weekend report Wednesday. Try to get some extra sleep, a nap, go to bed early. Take walks, do some exercise, meditate, give yourself a little extra care. We are gonna need it!