Amber Light BOLO 2-28-2014

Posted on February 28, 2014


Accidents, miss-haps, misunderstanding, misinformation, missing pieces are all in the mix today and through the weekend.
It is exactly a time for over looking important details.
Our emotions and intuition are very heightened. Creative expressions will be the best use of our time, or enjoying those of others.
Clarity is impossible until next week.
We are at another New Moon, giving us a chance to begin again.
Sleep and dream will be w we feel, very floaty and disconnected. Be careful with alcohol and depressants, it will take less than usual this weekend to get out of control…no one needs that!
Write down all the great ideas and visions for plans that come…these are very prolific now and very important!
These are the seeds we will grow the next Best Life upon.

BE safe and know you are loved!