Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report February 27-March 2, 2014

Posted on February 26, 2014


Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Yellow, Orange, Green, Gold

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Purple, Burgundy, Turquoise, White, Green

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Gray

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Orange, Gold, Yellow, Red

Moon and Venus in the morning sky 2-26-2014

Moon and Venus in the morning sky 2-26-2014

A crazy active week in mood and events, but a sluggish, tired week physically. If we could lay around and do absolutely nothing, that would be ideal. This is a good time for a long winter’s nap. There a several energy waves that are stopped and switching direction at this time. We are not going to make any forward progress on any thing. Re-do, rework, revise going back over old issues, ideas, thought patterns, and behaviors is the name of this flow.

Our patience is tested and we are having to wait where we will not want to. This is part of this flow and we have to deal with it. WE will make our best use of this energy by reviewing and reworking all ideas and projects that we have previously thought about or worked on. Over the next few weeks we will have a chance to run our ideas by those who will invest in us again. We need to be prepared, because it may take longer than we thin or want, but the help will come, and what we do now to ask for it will be huge in what the payout is later.

WE are extra accident prone this week and mistakes will be everywhere. Count your money, triple check that locked door, do not assume the intersection is clear. If you have been looking for a new job or trying to increase your income, the break is not coming for another few weeks. just keep doing the fundamentals and look for any creative ways to make changes that will help.

The new moon on Saturday is a great day to make wished to the moon. Take time to go outside or even stand in the doorway and say your wished to the wind. The Law of Attraction like action, so wishing to the Moon and Universe on the wind is a fun way to get the message out. Dreams and visions will be vivid and prolific. Get the pen and paper, because we are going to want to re-read this stuff later. It is going to help us get past the blockage and break into the New Enlightened Earth that has been being born over the past few years. Expect people to be spacey and be careful with alcohol, depressant drugs and the like. It will be easy to get in a down state and accidental overdoses happen to regular people everyday.

Sunday we get a bit of energy, but will be more impatient than feeling like getting lots done. A good day for cleaning and do chores.