Amber Light BOLO 2-19-2014

Posted on February 19, 2014


Trust…it is the watch word today. We are in the midst of building it, and today is a day (and the rest of the month) that we will solidify it or tear it apart.
Be kind, give people their space, reminder…we all need to feel like we have a safe place to go with our deepest yearning and fears.
Show the same consideration for others that you want in return. If we do, we will be rewarded with strong, lasting, dependable relationships.
People are not telling us everything, so the truth is incomplete at this time.
This means if we decide to share some juicy gossip or a secret a have been told, we will end up looking very foolish, because AFTER we breach that trust we will find we did not have all the facts, and have told something that was not accurate.
This may be the reason why a person is taking a certain cist if action, why they are mashing a decision, why they have made an offer or how they feel about events, circumstances or relationships.
Bottom line, everyone is going to play it “close to the chest”. Assume nothing and wait to share your knowledge until next month. Things will start becoming more clear and the information will be more compete.



The moon this morning, happy to feel the promise of spring in the air!