Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report February 17-21, 2014

Posted on February 16, 2014


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Lavender, Cream, Silver

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Silver, Black, White, Red

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Yellow, Brown, Gold, Orange, Green

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Burgundy, Turquoise, Green, Purple, White

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Purple, Pink, Orange, White, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Brown, Silver, Blue



Spring colors ready for the change!

Spring colors ready for the change!



Monday starts us out slow, with hazy heads and not much direction. A good morning for sleeping or working on our typical daily tasks. If you have to set appointments/dates, wait until after 1:30 p.m. EST. If you need to make a call or do something without much interference, this would be a good morning to do it.

***There is NO starting anything new now. Not for the next three to four weeks. We are in the re-do, re-work, re-visit, review mode. Going back over things we have been working or started in December or January, and even months or years before this. People from our past will be contacting us and we them. Anything that is “new” (something that we have not explored in anyway before) need to be noted and looked at mid-March if we want them to have a chance of growing and becoming something. We may find by that time, the idea was not as great as it seemed, or that it fits in perfectly with what we have been working on already. Reconnecting with people and ideas that might have been put on the back burner or have fallen by the wayside is important also.
We continue to be accident prone and mistake laden. Technology, communication, travel, purchasing are all difficult at best. Allow time and patience and be sure to check, check, check for best results. Know now we will find mistakes and we will have to correct them.
The major vibrations of the week have us looking deep within ourselves at the place we need to make a big change. Much of that has to do with our health and finances. The change we need to make is most likely apparent and we have been mulling it over for quite some time now. This week is the time to commit to the action that will allow us to LET GO OF IT and become comfortable being that different person, that person who can do without whatever behavior is holding us back from becoming our best. This thing may very well be what we “resolved” to do at the New Year. And we have likely seen ourselves let off of the head strong way we felt when we started this year. Now is a perfect time to RE-focus our efforts to achieve this goal. When we manage it, we will bust through the barrier that is keeping us in our current life -loop and allow us to enter the next Best time of our life.
Our intuition  and feelings will become extra sensitive as the week goes on and will continue to be on high for the next month. this included our emotions, so be careful as we could get our feeling hurts more easily and can hurt others without realizing it as well. The most wonderful part of this wave is that we will be given visions, dreams and empathy in giant helpings. We will be absorbing the thoughts and feelings of others easily. This is great for helping us to be sympathetic and to pick up on ways to be supportive. It will also cause us to be sad and even feel hopeless at times, because we will pick up on ALL feelings, not only the happy ones.
It is important for you to decompress, so creative things are a good way to do that. Also candle light baths, meditation, massages, long walks, good books, movies that carry us away, drawing, writing and even cooking are all great ways to release the build up of emotions we will have this month.
Tuesday and Thursday is social, romantic, judgmental and indecisive. Try to hold off on pressing for a definite yes or no on anything you cannot get a solid read on until Thursday and Friday. It will be a light couple of days, but we are going to need to wait for our hearts to settle before committing.
Thursday and Friday are deep, all-or-nothing days when we can decide on those things we were unsure of earlier. This also carries an air of suspicion and mystery. WE are going to be in a mood to explore our deepest feelings and to make known that this is the way we want and need to be. This is a good couple of days to set the course of action to make that big change and stick to it, for good.
Friday night into Saturday morning we will be in flux mode again. then Saturday ushers in fun loving, upbeat, cheerful and truthful energy to celebrate the weekend. A great time for gatherings and parties. We will all want to be allowed to feel the way we feel without restrictions, and this weekend the energy will support being tolerant of this for everyone we know. Our empathy is on high and our ability to “fake it” will be on low. This weekend will be perfect for building a close family feeling with those we hold most dear. We will be amazed at how the Universe has brought us all together because we have the energies and vibrations that we need to grow into our Best selves.
So…a great week, with lots of dreams, visions, synchronicity and psychic things happening for everyone, even the least aware of us.
Enjoy, and be careful. Watch ahead so you can avoid accidents and mistakes. Take some breaths to stay patient. And allow others their space to deal in this wonderful growing, visionary energy.