10 Things To Do at Home While You’re Away

Posted on February 10, 2014


This is a great post about things you can do before you leave home to make sure your trip away is pleasant and enjoyable. A re-post from 2011, it is one of our more popular topics! Feel free to share!

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It’s Trip Time! 10 Tips on How Your Home can Make or Break Your Enjoyment!

1)     Trash cans. Make sure they are emptied into the main receptacle and someone is scheduled to take them out for pick up on trash day. Nothin’ like stinky trash at home to sour your good time away. Keep a lid on them if possible or use a red line around the top to keep the useful energy in your home and the waste energy in the can. (click here for ideas of how to use a red line)

2)     Toilets. All lids down and clean them within a few days before you leave. That will inhibit bacteria growth and ensure your energy is not going down the drain.

3)     Beds. Fresh linens are a must. If the sheets are more than two days old, change them. You will get a better night’s…

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