Consistency Yields Results

Posted on February 2, 2014


“So you want to be a rock and roll star? Then  listen close to what I say.” ~The Byrds

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to keep a journal and leave your thoughts in the digital ether for anyone to find, whenever they might be ready to receive that information.

The reasons to blog (I know this must be a line that is typical) are the same number as there are blogs. We are all a bit different, totally individual so our purpose for posting our thoughts is different for each writer. The reasons that are the same for most are…a way to get the thoughts out of our heads and on to “paper” the screen. A way to make others aware of what is happening around the world. A way to share our experiences so others can share a bit of that moment (which kind of makes the whole event last ever).

What makes blogging more interesting than a personal journal is that other people can read, learn and contribute to the things we write. My home journal is for those private thoughts and feelings that no one needs to see, and there is a difference. (I am the type that if it is very private, controversial or far out, it never gets put into writing. Some things must only be shared by word of mouth…hence the age-old need for storytellers.)


Looks like this post will be a top hitter. It has already set to record for most views in a 24 hour period. Love these, because you know you are helping lots of people when you get such great response from this kind of post.

Looks like this post will be a top hitter. It has already set to record for most views in a 24 hour period. Love these, because you know you are helping lots of people when you get such great response from this kind of post. My post from late last night.


The point here is that I started my blog in 2010. It was hardly a dabble. (The link is one of my first posts, which incidentally is one of my most viewed posts of all times. It gets views every month and has not had one month go by without at least a few people finding me because of it.) 2011 saw an increase that included posts every month and 6,000 more views that the first year.

2011 again saw an increase of over double 2010 numbers. More effort on my part, learning how to write about what I want while including current events. Regular posts and following others helped to push those numbers. It also helped to share my everyday life, the seemingly mundane moments that everyone has in life. People love to know that the writer is a regular guy, just like them. I really wanted to get on that “Freshly Pressed” page, knowing if I could write a breakthrough post, it would put my blog into a new level of viewership. Try as I might, nothing I write seems to appeal to the “Freshly Pressed” panel.

Moving to 2012, I was sure the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, my access to it and the posts I made would get me in the FP world…no dice. That is when I quit worrying about getting there. And started focusing on what I originally wanted to do with my blog, help people. So The Energy Flow Report and Daily Power Colors became a staple. In between posts about home, tips on how to improve our lives and pictures of the Sun, Moon and Stars helped to make 2012 another record year for me.

I remember well the first time I hit over 100 views in a day. It was during the Super Bowl. That was thrilling and I wanted more. And I wanted it for something that was uniquely me, not something that anyone with a camera and computer could write.

That brings us to 2013. I have a published book. I am the only feng-shui expert in the Indianapolis area. I am a certified life coach. I want to make a career from this. In order to make that happen, I need exposure. So I vow (to myself) that I will not go one 24 hour period without a post. Even if it is simple one picture of my garden, cat or the sky. I thought it over and figure if I can get my daily average up to 100 views per day or more, the message and my work will spread and the fire will catch and the book will sell and people will start creating The Best for their personal lives AND by default, help to save the Earth, uplifting everyone, whether they understand and try to be The Best or not.

I decided the best place to try to get no cost exposure was on the local TV and radio stations. I put calls into the four local television stations and around four radio station. I also got names and e-mails where I could. Then I waited for about two weeks, then called again. Of all of those contacts, finally ONE of them called  me back. And not to say scram…to have me on air!!!


Stats of the top posts of all time.

Stats of the top posts of all time.


Indy Style TV, the local live lifestyle morning show on CBS Channel 8 called me to be a guest in February 2013. I was completely shocked, thrilled and excited. I prepped well for that show and was very good, according to those who watched it. Calm, talkative, not confusing, I hit all the marks. And I the views on my blog reflected that new people were looking.

So, I waited a month or so and sent another request to be on the show. Sure enough, I got a spot in June! Those were followed by appearances in August, October and finishing the year one a very strong note TWO in December. One was on a prime day, New Year’s Eve. That appearance garnered me my best one day blog total of over 300 views in one day!!! Boy oh boy was that some hit on  the penny slot or WHAT!! Ending my year with the best day, week, month and year of blogging stats yet!!!

My method was simple, post every day. Share with as many people as possible everyday. Checked in and commented on come other blogs. Share in groups and on pages. I know I missed posting at least one or two days of 2013, but not many more. I averaged two posts per day, because I posted two or three times many days. Made sure that Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report were current every week. This is consistency. And That is How I was able to record the best month in views yet last month, the first month of 2014, January (over 2800). There were no 300 view days, however there were only two days under 50 views. The daily average was 90! Almost there…almost to the 100+ daily average. Because I am persistent, consistent, reliable, informative, entertaining and inclusive.


The chart of every year's numbers by month. Note January 2014 bottom left is the highest!

The chart of every year’s numbers by month. Note January 2014 bottom left is the highest!


This is where I take time to thank the people who have made this post possible. My lovely, dear readers. My raving fans, my followers, my shareres, those who make sure that those they love know about what is in my posts. I am a writer. I will write. I will write for myself alone. because I love to write. That you honor me by stopping here to partake of my offering, that you share it, use it, think about it, comment on it, test it, love it and question it is the most humbling experience of my life to date. I remember well the day I posted Ten is the New Zero. (I just re-read it! Wow how fun it is to be able to track my growth over these years!) Now, we will say if it does not hit 100 or more per day, it does not count. Meaning we do not even start to count until the stats bar show us a big 60! (And yes, we can start counting today, we are 61 already!)

With the help of my wonderful friends, readers, cheerleaders and die-hard emulators, The Amber Light is poised to become a household name this year. With five live television spots to show, I am going to make a pitch to the national new, radio and magazines for a chance to dip into the big time. And all it will take is for each one of you to share something I post one a week. Forward the link of a post in an e-mail, direct your friends to, follow @theamberlight on Twitter, like The Amber Light on Facebook. This is truly (cliché at the ready….aim….launch) a chance to say “I knew her when”.

And you can count on me to continue to write, post and watch as the daily traffic continues to grow, shining The Amber Light all over the globe. All thanks to my partners, you.

Much love and All The Best Always, AmberLena Powers Della Vita :)(: