The Easy Way to Let Go of Problems and Attract The Best

Posted on February 1, 2014


Take a piece of paper, write down in pen or pencil or crayon or marker the top three most acute, critical issues in your life. You can be as detailed as you feel like you need to be or you can be short and to the point.

Next you need to read it 11 times, out loud to yourself. Then take it outside to the garden or grill or somewhere you can safely set it on fire and watch it burn. A fire pit, or even side walk. Perhaps on top of the snow or sand, in the dirt, wherever you can find a safe place to have a small fire without burning anything else. A large sea shell works well also.

As you watch it burn, breathe deeply in through your nose and blow out through your mouth at the smoke coming off of the paper.Close your eyes and see the vibrating energy waves (like the waves of heat the rise up off of the pavement on a hot summer day) as they are blown away from you with the smoke, never to return.

The step after that is to write a note, preferably in pencil to the Creator. Here are a couple of examples.

Dear Creator, Thank you for sending me the best way to be able to finish my high school career online instead of in the classroom. Please help to keep me safe and protected from the people who are cruel for no reason. Thank you for helping me to find ways to uplift my heart and soothe the ache I have there. I take whatever opportunities and act on them that will be provided to help me become the happy confident person I used to be. My humblest thanks.

Dear Universe, Thanks for sending my the best new job. I am ready and willing to accept the next phase in my life. Please send me the best resources and supporters to guide me as I enter a seemingly new and unfamiliar world. Fill me with courage to accept the challenges and  with confidence that I will meet and exceed them. I am ever grateful for the infinite ways I am being give to succeed. And the ability to discern the ones that will lead me to The Best Life possible. My humblest thanks. 

No matter the issue, a letter asking for help will work. It brings two powerful energy tools together to work for the same goal. The power of thought and visualization coupled with the power physical of writing. Thought is action and creates a framework for the reality of our life to be built upon. Writing is actually creating that reality in the form of words. Not just words that are said out loud (which are powerful too) but words that have weight, words that have already created which can be read over and over to enforce to us (and the Universe) the goal.




My 2014 letter written in pencil.

My 2014 letter written in pencil.


Read this at least twice a day, once upon waking and once before bed. You can carry it with you and read it more often but at least twice. Keep it with you or put it in  the Helpful People are of your home. If you have any orange you need to where it, eat it, drink it or look at it as much as you can every day.

Click here for great info on things you can do right now to relieve your depression, sadness and/or grief.

Click here to see where the Helpful People area is located and another example of a letter to the Universe.


Most importantly, you must be ready when the opportunities begin to appear to act. Do not be scared, do not over think it, do not hesitate when your gut feels in sync with the information. DO not look back over your shoulder at the way it was or in the mirror at how it is. Look only at how wonderful you will feel when you are at the end of this quest and you do not have to be subjected to ridicule and cruelty from others. Focus on that point

And if you can find a clear quartz, you need to have it against your skin or at least in your pocket or bra everyday. The orange and the crystal will help to calm your sadness. I know it works from my Mom. I am going to leave the link in your wall about how t make a board to hang in your room to help ward off depression. I used it for my mom when she retired and had so many bone fractures she thought she could not live in that pain and that she was never going to get well.

Use this tool. This week (February 2nd) is a great time as our energy of change is on high and the vibration of creation is blanketing every moment. Let me know about your results or any questions!

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