Snow: Why I Love It

Posted on February 1, 2014



“Snow! I want to wash my hands, my hair, my face in Snow!” ~ Rosemary Clooney

Snow is magic. It is the magic of science that Humans physically witness. The Moment when water is transformed, the energy of creation, the becoming something different, new and yet the same.

Same as when you smell the rain and can “feel” it in the air. A moment when we are affirmed in our core Being that all will go on.
Watching a fire, knowing that any thing it consumes will be forever changed, yet carrying a pieces of the thing with it.

Another reason is it makes everything pretty and quiet during the winter months. It us cleaner than mud to walk on and it’s nicer to look at than dead grass and stick trees.

The third best reason ours that snow is NOT ICE. Ice is bad, very, very bad. With the tools and traffic most metro cities have, it takes a maximum of three days to clear the major traffic routes to pavement. Most of the time it is hours from the end of the snow fall.
But ice, ice is a different challenge. No way to utilize the heat of traffic, so there is one less resource. Next is the weight and damage it will cause. Power outages, structure damage, landscape damage.


I am going to concentrate on the cold air going south (because it is closer, pushing the ice line down to a place that maybe it well simply melt with no harm.
You can help by envisioning the front line extending far south of Indiana through Kentucky and beyond.
The other option is our temps warm, and that is unlikely.

And that is the top three reasons why I love snow.

Everyone be safe! Driving in ice is more risky than snow, no traction. use common sense and stay put if it is too dangerous. Better alive to work tomorrow than to get injured or worse and not come back for a while or not at all.