New Moon Weekend-Power Colors and Energy Flow Report January 30-February 2, 2014

Posted on January 30, 2014


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Green, turquoise, Burgundy, purple
Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: white, pink, orange, purple, red
Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, brown
Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange, Red


New Moon, the second one of this calendar month. This one is packing a change filled punch, so be ready for some big shifting to happen in the next week. To repeat, most of us knower for sure our have an inkling of what part our parts of our lives will be and even need to change.
The how will be the surprising part.
So, the Moon is moving to new status all day today, hitting the mark around 4 pm EST this afternoon.
They are a multitude of energy connections happening that will direct us and support us as we move through and even begin to embrace the changes.
This well also lead to high stress, with irritation, misunderstanding and head butting sure to be in the mix. Try to breathe, count to ten, walk away or enlist a mediator.
Relationship progress and money matters will be slow for the next week, then the gates will open and we will see the progress in leaps and bounds.
Friday, let’s say Happy New Year to the Wood Horse! (Chinese/Lunar year changes over today). This energy is about finances, hard work and good luck! Meaning if we give it our best effort, luck will be on our side and this year will bring us success and security. Wood is used to build and create power (fire), so you can bet this year will be loaded with activity.
This entire weekend is great for writing a Letter to the Universe to request guidance, support, affirmation and resources. Whether it is a goal, a career change, relationship boost or financial help, now is prime time to ask, act and be ready to receive. use pencil if possible and put it in the helpful people area or keep it where you can read it daily.
Wow….this is a big weekend, this will be a two part post. Let’s absorb this info for today, and I will post the report for Saturday and Sunday tomorrow. (Friday)
Our need for independence, inspiring thoughts & actions, contributing to our group/community are all modes that we will find over the next couple of days as well. Help where you are able and do not be afraid to pitch that crazy idea. The outlandish is often the thing that makes The Best Things happen.