Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report January 24-27, 2014

Posted on January 24, 2014


Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: black, gray, blue, brown
Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: gold, orange, yellow, red
Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:  Silver, cream, white, lavender
Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: gray, red, black, white


Me, bundled up for the Arctic air.

We start the weekend with something to say…and something to hear. We will most likely say something to sometime that we might typically not say, or react to someone’s inconsiderate behavior in a very vocal, admonishing way.
We are also likely to be told some things about ourselves, maybe that we do not want to hear, but are true.
These things are beginning to come out so we can address them and move along without the weight of them slowing our progress.
That is what Saturday is for. Looking at this information, this reflection of ourself and realizing it is an opportunity for improvement.
It will give us a chance to fall back and regroup before we begin to make contacts on Sunday and Monday.
Late Saturday, after 10:45 pm EST through Monday at 5:00 pm EST, we are on a successful wave that will be great for compiling resources. Make contacts and be ready to answer detailed questions about any ideas when someone considers committing themselves to our cause. That is where gathering information and checking details will pay big.
These chances and collaborations will most likely be coming from the least expected places, so keep your heart, mind, eyes and ears open. Third is a very long window of opportunity, so make the most of it. And don’t forget, you can be a helper too, there are chances to open up and be giving during this time as well.
The overall mood from late Saturday evening until Monday late afternoon is upbeat, fun and joyful. Do something fun and enjoy being with the ones you love.
Unexpected and surprise calls/guests are in the mix, so keep things picked up and make sure you have your best pajamas on, just in case.

Have a nice weekend, do something new or out of your “normal”. The timing is prefect to find something exiting we did not know about. Enjoy!