Amber Light BOLO 1-22-2014

Posted on January 22, 2014


Our old self wants to keep working on the plan in the same old way.
The energy of today makes us know deep down we needed to dove it up and get some new ideas, new perspective, new blood into the mix if we want to go the extras mile.
To attain more than we dare to dream, we will need the extra power and support from other people. People who have resources that they will gladly share with us. It is ours for the asking.
The only thing required is that we share our resources AND that we include others in our plans.
From asking someone to collaborate to asking for financial backing to inviting someone for new ideas bars in current information, we cannot go wrong if we are open minded, open hearted and inclusive of input from others.
Group work is great now, so get your team together and watch as you soar higher and farther, with a little help from your friends!


This morning a peek of Sun shine.