Amber Light BOLO 1-16-2014

Posted on January 16, 2014


Emotional, outspoken, standing up for ourselves and others, family, safety, security, doing what we want or doing what we should, taking immediate action or trying to be diplomatic …these are the highlights for today.
Some of us will not be able to hold back, we will say what we think our how we feel. And we will hurt the feelings of others when we do, or offend them our make them mad.
Others of us will be on the other end of the conversation, getting told what we do not want to hear, deal with or feel we deserve.
Good thing, this only lasts for today, and by tomorrow things will settle. We will be glad we spoke our mind. We will be glad we are aware of how others have been feeling.
For today, expect intense. Expect emotions, expect to be caught off guard.
Be sure to take time to use the full Moon energy to look at where we can strengthen our home base. Areas we can improve our financial stability while strengthening our relationships.
Be safe, be strong, be kind.
We are all in this big ocean together. Try not to make extra waves, we have enough to deal with just now, without making more stress where there was none.
Enjoy the day!