Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors and Energy Flow Report Jan. 13-18, 2014

Posted on January 14, 2014


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Lavender, White, Cream, Silver

Tuesday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Silver, Red, White

Wednesday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Gold, Green, Yellow, Orange

Thursday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Turquoise, Burgundy, White, Purple, Green

Friday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Orange, Purple, Pink, White, Red

Saturday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Gray, Brown, Blue

Sunday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Yellow, Orange, Gold, Red


Early January snow storm 2014

Early January snow storm 2014


Wow…what a week! Full moon fever is here with a Cold Moon for our mid-winter. A home and family focus comes with this. Coupled with our energy of finance and stability, we will be looking at what we can do at home to be more secure, more comfortable and more responsible with what is most important, our safe place. This is an emotional moon as well, forcing us to find a way to balance the things we feel we OUGHT to do with doing things we WANT to do. To be balanced, happy and whole, we need to have some of both. Finding our middle ground in this area is what the rest of this month will be all about.

Starting new relationships now is NOT what we want to do at this time. No matter how fun and wonderful things feel, they will not grow into anything. We are best to focus on creative arts, enjoying music, drawing, paint, sculpting, cooking, writing, singing, wood working, if you have to put things together to make it, do it. If you happen to be not too good at those types of things, take time to enjoy the works of others. Fostering and improving our ongoing relationships will also be supported now as well. This is a better use of the relationship energy we have going now. We have a chance to identify areas of improvement and those partners that we made need to part with. Romance is less physical and passionate, more emotion and thoughtfulness.

Other waves we are working with  are the tendency to overdo, eat, spend and commit. Take care not to spend more than you have. We are feeling a bit reckless, and will have moments where we let go of our money before we think it through. Take some extra time.

The other…longer lasting…is the activity of major change in life. We will all be meeting up with the end of some old, outdated and no longer supportive part of our lives. We will also be greeting a new, wonderful, much needed and best thing for our lives. The old adage becomes old because it is true. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Every ending was once a beginning. We start, we learn, we grow, we become something more, then the cycle ends and begins again. The period from now until the end of May will mark this moment for the majority of people on Earth. Most of us even have a good idea of what area of our life this will be occurring. The thing to know is that our gut feeling that this is happening is correct. And it is okay, we will make it through to the other side. And we will be our very best because of it. What we can do it make preparations, work our plan and continue to be active in pursuing our dreams.

Enjoy the high energy of the full moon. Take time to spend at home, with family and loved ones this week. Look for ways to change the way we view our finances, so that we can make changes to be more secure as we move into the year.