Day #7-Influenza A

Posted on January 11, 2014



Not even close to well, but off my death bed.
Was able to shower, then had to rest. That was the big job for the day.
I have not had to nap today, but I did have to lay down for 3 hours.
The cough is better, the fever has finally went down, only a slight headache. I am sore all over, from coughing and laying so much. Still very tired, but not as weak as yesterday.
Still sweating for no apparent reason, off and on. A cold sweat just happens out of no where.
My stomach is still torn up. I am hoping it will be better tomorrow.
I honestly do not think I have been this sick ever, except maybe as a child. I remember chicken pox, I could not walk for a few days because I was so weak. But not as a grown up.
Monday is looming…if tomorrow was Monday, I know I would not be able to go into work.
Most likely I will have to call in Monday, maybe even Tuesday. I am so weak from not eating and this illness robs any energy and stamina. I can’t even imagine trying to drive for 30 minutes any where.
If my stomach would accept real food I would be able to refuel. For now, it is like having surgery. Only bland, soft food is even close to being edible, in very small helpings.

Tonight I got really crazy and had Mac & cheese…in a big bowl!
Something warm, not soup, not pudding, not jello!
I even ate it all…now as long as it does not turn into a ball thus will be my best food day since, well last week sometime.
A huge loving thank you to all of you who have been praying and sending me (us) healing thoughts/energy.
It had been a week I won’t forget. It is making me appreciate LOTS of little things, not the least of which is being able to post and write.

Here’s to not doing this again…EVER!