Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors & Energy Flow Report Jan. 2-5, 2014

Posted on January 2, 2014


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Burgundy, White, Green, Turquoise

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Lavender, Pink, Orange, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Gray, Blue, Black

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Yellow, Gold, Orange


IMG_3687 IMG_3689

In our backyard today 1-2-2014

In our backyard today 1-2-2014



Big snow storms and lots of rain are over the Eastern half of the United States. I am not sure when they decided to name winter storms, but this one is names Hercules…appropriate.

The energy of this New Year is much like the intensity of this weather system. Surprising, severe, making us stand up and pay attention. The individual change is being supported in the collective vibration that we share. We are all ready to make big sacrifices to ensure we are attracting The Best for our world, our beloveds and ourselves. These will not be easy, but are required, we know it, we feel it and WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The angle of the Earth has changed and it feels as if the days are getting longer (in the North). This makes us feel an energy of growth, even though we are in a slow and retrospective mode now. We will have use our patience tactics (click here) and be thorough as we head into the next couple of weeks.

The weekend does have a confident, upbeat, even lucky feel. We will be best to continue to work our action plans. Make contacts, work on projects and figure out how to work around any seeming blockages that may come up. Some of us will have lucky moments, so look for yours. Saturday and Sunday are both good days for making business contacts, asking for assistance and lending a hand to someone who needs our experience.

Creativity and intuition are on high as well. Write down any dreams or visions, as they will be helpful in guiding us in the direction we need to go next in our lives. Remember, death, drowning, crashing, car out of control, kidnapped, wedding, birth, as with all dreams are not really about that “event”. They are about endings, beginnings, ideas, being in OR out of control, finances, relationships, the things that make up our life. Be sure to think about them, but do not be afraid of them. Same goes for waking daydreams and visions.

This will be a good weekend for creating anything, paint, draw, write, cook, build, grow, you name it. And not only in the physical realm, but in the emotional/relationship realm also. Doing something new, romantic, adventurous, even go on a fantasy trip, watch a good movie or read a story together to help foster closeness with your loved ones.

Continue to be careful as our accident-proness is still in force. Enjoy the weekend and thank you all for sharing with me. This is going to be a great year! Think it, say it, write it, mean it.