New Year’s Traditions and Superstitions-2013/2014

Posted on December 31, 2013


Here is are a few New Year’s traditions I know of. Plus a link to a site with different and interesting traditions people carry out. Feel free to add any you use or know about.

~Eating cabbage is lucky. The cook is supposed to hide a coin in it while it cooks and whoever gets it will have  money luck all year.

~Put money under th door mat to encourage abundance.

~The first person through the door after the New Year comes in should be a dark headed man for the best luck. Least lucky is a red-headed person.

~Do not do laundry or sweep on New Year’s day as this will wash/sweep away your luck. Do the cleaning before or after the first (on first day of the new moon).

~Writing resolutions will give them extra power to become reality. New Year’s Day is a lucky day to write them.




My mother-in-law used to put money under the mat of the front door. Then the first person in the door after midnight January 1st had to get it and bring it into the house. It seems this symbolizes the coming of luck and abundance.

Enjoy this shifting of the energy as we all look toward a calmer, more stable year ahead. All The Best!!!

AmberLena :)(:

My favorite picture all dressed up for the holiday.

My favorite picture all dressed up for the holiday.

Here is a link to some other great traditions for the New Year.