Amber Light BOLO December 29-31, 2013

Posted on December 29, 2013


December 2013 full moon

December 2013 full moon


The year of 2013 is going to go out with a bang.

The unexpected, surprises,  accidents, brilliant ideas, helpful connections, new information, secrets revealed are all probable at some point for almost everyone in the world.

Our ability to be patient will be tested and our feelings of irritation/anger will be easily triggered. What to DO????

1) Count to ten OR even twenty before reacting. Count before ACTING. Take time for your BRAIN to catch up to your emotions BEFORE jumping into or engaging in a situation/conversation that is best to be ignored or left altogether with no comment. (Verbal or in actions.)

***Abrupt speech and speaking out of turn is likely…be sure you can deal with the sudden and unexpeected consequences of any zingers that may come to mind. We all have them, now is not really the time to blurt them out without thinking first.***

2) Think Pink. Get very pink minded and envision everything and everyone glowing with a pink light. Take in 5-8 slow breaths through your nose. Then hold for a count of 8. Release slowly from your mouth. Do this with you hand over the center of your chest to help boost your sense of calm and love.

3) Leave. Walk away form the situation altogether. Find any reason, restroom, hot flash, sick to stomach, headache, dizzy, panic attack, whatever it takes to get you out of the immediate exchange.

These are all going to be VERY helpful as we make out way into 2014.

The thing to remember is this, Change happens all the time, everyday. This few hours (days) will be full of it, but we are ready. What we will have to be is open to UNEXPECTED events and changes, as the energy wave will be vibrating in a churn-it-up and spit it out fashion. Know that things may not go as originally planned. Have a second and third plan in place. The Universe is ready to deliver our Best New Year, we only need to be open-minded and open-hearted enough to accept what ever that may be. Let go of pre-set ideas of what success of your goals looks like in your mind and be open to the un-imagined reality that the Universe is sending via the Law of Attraction. This New Year is set to be a lucky one and the first month is going to be a great time for taking major steps on the way to our loftiest aspirations.

Be sure to share this with your friends and loved ones…we need all the help we can get with the New Moon and New Year energy coming on the same day. It is a powerful moment for certain! Enjoy the rest of the year and hold on tight…we will make it through together.