Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Christmas Week 2013

Posted on December 22, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Cream, White, Lavender, Silver

Tuesdays Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Red, White, Silver

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Gold, Yellow, Orange

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Purple, White, Turquoise, Burgundy

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, White


Moon and Jupiter December 2013

Moon and Jupiter December 2013


The energy waves have been shifting from fun loving, over-indulging, every one has a good time to a slower-paced, more thorough and disciplined. This will have us being more stubborn and less willing to compromise. We will be focused on getting things accomplished completely and with total commitment. This will take some of the heat out of our romantic ventures, but in place will be the desire to deepen those connections on a level of being partners. We will be looking at all of our relationships and deciding which ones are supporting us and which ones are draining. We will the mode to let go fo those that are draining and cultivate the supportive ones, so changes are likely.

When it comes to Christmas, this year will be a bit tense, with surprises and the unexpected being the normal. Remember to count to ten or twenty before reacting to ANYTHING or ANYONE!!!!!!!!! Also you can walk away, take some breaths and use pink light to help calm intense or angry situations.

It is the time of year we want to spend time with our closest and longest friends and family. Sometimes those people have a way of making us feel inadequate, less-than, or remind us of things we wished we would (or would not) have done in years past. Try to keep in mind that everyone feels that way. So let go of the past ideas, the “wish-you-would-haves” and simply be in this moment, this Christmas, this time of life. Enjoy the people as they are now, and be the you the you have become over the years. That is who we are and that is who will enjoy this Christmas most…the You that is Now!

We will be slow and methodical in communicating, which will require that we wait on others to finish their thoughts and sentences, perhaps longer than usual. Give everyone the same consideration you would like when you are talking or thinking.

The best success of this week will come if we are open, accepting and take time to let everyone be themselves. Do not expect people to be the way they were years ago and do not expect the to be living your idea of their life. Being tolerant of the fact that we are different, and allowing those differences to blend into a wonderful memory is what this Holiday is all about.

Enjoy the week and be sure to set your recorders and alarms for 9 a.m. EST New Year’s Eve. I will be appearing once again on the morning show Indy Style TV. This week I will be showing everyone how to write a letter to the Universe that will help our New Year’s Resolutions to be more successful than ever before!