Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Dec. 16-19, 2013

Posted on December 17, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Red, Silver, White

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Gold, yellow, Green

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Turquoise, Burgundy, White, Purple

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Purple, White, Pink Orange, Red


Della is decorating her area for the Holiday!

Della is decorating her area for the Holiday!



Full Moon Fever in high gear!

Yes, you are feeling all lit up like a Christmas Tree!

A fast-paced, information thirsty, talkative and flirty full Moon is here in time for the holiday celebrations to being in earnest.

Shifting all over the place, surprises and sudden change (mostly in areas we felt the change coming, and have been waiting…will relate to old themes that need a fresh angle and out-of the-box thinking. Our need to give to the larger body that is the world-wide community will take a reflective pause to be sure we are placing our energy and allegiance with the most effective groups.

Try to take time to pause BEFORE reacting to whatever may come along. The moment of silence we take can be the difference between attracting an easy(er) to handle situation and a giant challenge. The vibration of what we say out loud is exponentially stronger than when we think it to ourselves…because:

When we say it out loud, people that had never “thought” of it “that way” start to “think of it that way” and suddenly there is a big push of energy creating that reality. That vibration becomes stronger and more widespread. This sends a stronger signal to the Universe, attracting the support of the Creator to make that vibration a reality for us.  (Definition of how the Law of Attraction works from “The Easy Way to LOA” upcoming in 2014 from The Amber Light) (What, what?…you saw it here FIRST!!!)

Information that comes through the week will have most of us feeling emotional and intense. This is not always a bad thing. It is good sometimes to let others see the feeling, soft and caring side of our selves. People who have Gemini in their birth chart will find they are extra keyed up in the areas that have this influence. Remember to breathe, visualize, tear off any picture in your mind that does not make you feel happy if it were to come true and throw it in the giant “shredder in your mind”. Then start drawing a new one.

Tuesday from 1:40 p.m. to Thursday 11:40 a.m. EST we are home and family focused. We will likely feel like staying in and tending to the things that have to be tied up before we celebrate the coming holidays. A full Moon and Solstice in the same week is always powerful. A good time for writing requests to the Universe and making sure the people here on Earth know what we want and need to succeed. Those relationships and the physical aspect of our home base will be the areas to look at when using this energy for the coming year. We want The Best life. Opening our hearts and minds to the possibility that change will bring a Best we have yet to dream of will ensure we achieve a life on Earth that will be the foundation for eons to come.

The energy waves around us are slowing down over all, so the feeling of sluggishness and overly tired is not only something to do with the time of year and what we are eating. It is also due to a broad change in the pace of the planets and start in our galaxy slowing and shifting as well. The extra issues with inflammation are also due to this mode it seems. Clumsiness and mistakes from overlooking details are others.