Weekend Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Dec. 13-15, 2013

Posted on December 13, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Purple, Pink, Orange, White, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Gray

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Yellow, Gold, Orange, White

Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Lavender, Silver, Cream



Venus 12-12-2013 setting in the southwest. Such a beauty!

Venus 12-12-2013 setting in the southwest. Such a beauty!


Friday is an opportunity to get some major creative work done. We are in the midst of an energy wave that will challenge us to work hard while we play. Sounds interesting, right? The result will be some of the most wonderful creativity coming to life. Whether it is any of the endless artistic media: painting, sculpting, drawing and the like or writing, cooking, storytelling, acting: or even finding great ways to fix issues like no heat, computer glitches, electrical snags, construction, remodeling or making amends with someone in our lives.

This day will feel good, actually and it will be a day that we end up feel super accomplished in a “not-just-the-same-old-thing”.

Friday and Saturday are also down to Earth and comfort focused. We will be steadfast, a bit stubborn and feeling loyal to our dearest ones. Sunday will bring in upbeat, talkative and some nervous energy. We are headed to the full moon, so this energy will be even more animated than usual. We are still in the mode to say what is on our mind, so do yourself a favor and take a pause to consider the words BEFORE you let them out of your mouth. And be sure, we will be saying things that need saying without filter. And that is OK!!! The other good thing now is we will not be as apt to be permanently offended by such remarks. This is good, as we will be able to address some old hurts and mis-understandings without continuing the hirt feelings that have been in the mix before.

Enjoy this weekend of fellowship and celebration. We are in the midst of Christmas/Winter/Yule celebrations. Take time to enjoy your loved ones and make memories. We only have a number amount of days to make them and they are what we will look to in our experienced life to remind of us of why we lived in the first place.

Much love and All The Best!!! Please keep prayers and thoughts coming for Mom Johnson and others who are facing health challenges during this time. Also those whose loved ones who have moved from this form into another energy. We as Humans miss them, and need comfort as we learn to be in this world as they become a new form.