Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Dec. 9, 2013

Posted on December 8, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Cream, White, Silver, Lavender

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Red, Black, White, Silver

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Gold, Orange, Yellow, Brown

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Burgundy, Purple, Green, Turquoise



All lit up like a Christmas tree.

All lit up like a Christmas tree.


Monday is a continuation of Sunday. Dreamy, sleepy, dazey and not really a day for trying to concentrate. A great day for being creative. Also a good day for pitching new ideas for furthering our goals and projects. Intuition and dreams are active and vivid. Pay attention, there is much assistance in them.

We are settling into the quick and sometimes unthinking communication energy. Be sure to take a pause to consider what you are about to say BEFORE verbalizing it. We will find ourselves saying things that are on our minds, things we might not typically say. This is most likely a good thing overall, as we should not keep our feelings bottled up. Just be sure to take care to say them tackfully.

Our focus is how we can be better to ourselves, physically, emotionally, mentally, in our relationships. We are beginning to come to grips with letting go of the behaviors and ideas that have hindered our growth as people. This goes for us individually and also as communities.

Take time this day to reflect on what you are allowing to be released from your life and why. Give yourself quiet time to hear from the Universe inside why it is okay to change, why you will be okay without these things that you used to love so much. Everyone evolves, grows and as we do, the things we needed become who we are now may not fit any longer. It is like outgrowing our clothes as we go through our childhood. Eventually, we have to get new things to wear. Now is one of those times for the entire world. This is very apparent in the protests and changes that are happening in countries everywhere.

Enjoy the day, be careful and give your self some much needed love.