Weekend Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Dec. 6-8, 2013

Posted on December 6, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: (camo day, Sid) Black, Brown, Silver, Blue

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Yellow, gold, Orange

Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Cream, White, Silver, Lavender

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Red, Black, White, Silver


A big birthday shout out to my Sister Anna! Enjoy celebrating the witty, beautiful person you are. I am glad to have you as my sister and I hope you get a giant birthday tip this weekend (if you have to work)!


Just outside my bedroom window this morning...glowing, snowy, Christmas-y-ness!

Just outside my bedroom window this morning…glowing, snowy, Christmas-y-ness!



Helooo Weekend, you are back again already!

So, the week has been _____________. You can fill that in as you see fit. Mine was emotional high and low. Lots of stress and issues, all getting resolved but still ramped up on the stress. Plus, the high of another television appearance and the response that followed.

The new moon was potent and much more active than we are aware. It is working behind the scenes to help us think and dream bigger than we are told we should. And that is a good thing. Because if we do not make our goals past what we think is attainable, we cannot really grow and become the best we can be.

There has been a lot of talking since Wednesday, and some things being said without thought or filter. This can be a good thing, helping us to say things that we really need to say but have been too timid or uncertain to address.

Friday is a hazy day, not made for details or concentrating. This will be an extra challenge for those who are dealing with the sloppy, murky weather (kind of goes with the energy of the day). We need to take extra care in everything we do as we will not be thinking 100% clearly which will lead to errors or accidents.

The entire week has been filled with shifting energies, which has adds to the rollercoaster feel. Saturday we finally get the last of the move finished. This shift will have us all putting our efforts into making our relationships stronger and making only the promises we know we can live up to. This is an unusually long energy wave that will last all the way through next summer. We will have lots of time to look at what is working, what needs to be changed and to finally work through our differences, even clearing up past arguments. We will want to make sure everyone gets to have their say, and that the changes/resolutions are fair for all. Some days we will be more bold and push at it, some days we will be a bit softer and diplomatic. We will find ourselves with deeper and more secure partners in every area of life by the time we get into next fall.

Saturday from 7:00 a.m. EST until 3:35 a.m. EST Sunday, we will be in a flux mode. No making appointment, setting dates, starting new projects, etc. Save all of that for Sunday or next week. Friday and Saturday we are in the mood for fun, and to try something new.  Surprises and the unexpected will also be in the mix, making for a great start to a wintery weekend (for those of us in the North half of the world).

Sunday finds us in a dreamy, filled with fantasies and emotions. Our creativity will be in high gear also, so make something….crafts, art, music, food, whatever you love to create, do some of that today (Sunday). Just make it happy!

Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and warm or cool, depending on where in the world you may be. All of The Best coming from The Amber Light to all of you! Thank you all, as always, for your love and support. I am blessed to have such wonderful people supporting me!