Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow December 1, 2013

Posted on November 30, 2013


Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Yellow, Gold, Orange

Monday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Silver, Cream, White, Lavender

Tuesday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Red, Black, Silver, White


Brought the Christmas tree in today.

Brought the Christmas tree in today.


Sometimes I wonder why I do not write a report on a certain day. Sometimes it is a day when I know the energy is going to be rough and tumble. The kind that makes you wonder why you are alive and having to work through this life. Other times it is days that are magic and filled with the chances to further our dreams and help us to make dreams come true with our generosity.

I feel like it is because that sometimes, people need to simply ride the wave of energy that is happening without the ideas and input of anyone else. Having sages-(wise ones that share their knowledge freely to help improve reality overall)l-who give us reports on what to expect from each day emotionally is a great benefit of living in this now. But sometimes we need to ride the waves without any preconceived ideas of what to expect? Why? Well. So we can make sure that what we do is genuine and not driven by our thinking head. Our thinking head will cause us to make bad decision and to second guess our sense of “knowing” (intuition/gut/ second sight).

I intended on writing a post for the weekend energy flow. But time did not allow me to get that written. I felt like I was shirking my duty. But at the end of this day, I see that it was meant for everyone to experience this energy without any influence from me. Including me. As I gather, read and report my feelings, I also am guided in a certain direction.

It is refreshing and fun sometimes to simply live and react without prejudice sometimes. Today was a lovely day. A feel good, help me help you kind of end to our holiday celebrations.

Bottom line…we should all be basking in the glow of a very nice feeling, good fellowship few days. We are feeling like being alone, close to our core people only and happy to explore our deep thoughts and hurts. These are balanced by going even further into the things that give us a foundation of contentment from which to build and grow.

We are feeling low on energy, simply due to the time of the month. The comet going through the Sun’s atmosphere has made many of us achy, feverish, inflamed and irritable. Yes, that does affect us on Earth. Dreams and visions are lively, full of color and unusual. Write them all down, there are gems of usefulnessvin there.

So, enjoy a lazy Sunday. We are about to launch into the party that is December. And with all the hopefulness and ambition needed to achieve far more than we believe.

Much love and thanks for a record year for growth in exposure for me and the message I carry!