Amber Light BOLO November 27-28, 2013

Posted on November 27, 2013


Here it is….here it is…
Today is a day to hear and be heard. Those they can help you move from here to the next phase of your goal are listening. And expressing what you want and need to succeed will garner the support we “think” we need PLUS support we did not know we could attain.
And the BONUS for the holiday (here in America) is…..Thursday will be a feel good all-around day. Kind words, gratitude and a sympathetic ear will be the colors of the day.
The biggest thing we can so is to watch for places we can be helpful to others. That way we make room for others to be helpful to us. Second we MUST ALLOW others to be helpful to us This is how the Universal flow works. We TKE IN help from others (consume/ingest/”eat”)
We give back (eliminate/discard/
This energy Wave blends nicely into Thursday, which will be one of be most peaceful, happy Holidays we have had in a while. Although we will be able to recognize the difference between us and the ones we hold most dear, we will also be able to understand and acknowledge the things that make us of the SAME vibrational source.
Most important for Wednesday and Thursday is to be open, be receptive, be willing to share AND willing to let the issues that arise pass without attaching new hurt. Let go of the old and embrace the new you, the new us and the new Now.
Enjoy your day! Look for the weekend report tonight