50 Years Later….by My Mom

Posted on November 22, 2013


“I know all of you are aware of tomorrow being the 50th anniversary of the assassination o President Kennedy, but what I wish I could relay to you was what tonight Nov. 21, 1963 was like in America. There was such a sense of hope and excitement and promise. We had weathered the cuban missile crisis, the unsteady start with the bay of pigs, we were on our way. We were going to the moon, we were goin…g to give a population of people in the South a freedom they had never known, our country was primed and ready for the future, our President was right, the torch had been passed to a new generation, we actually stopped and listened each and every time he held a press conference, we were filled with hope, and love and a sense of worth and pride. Alas, the next day, that hope and sense of security and sureness was forever taken away. NOVEMBER 21, 1963, I remember it well. And I feel so sorry for all of you that wasn’t apart of that day and have never known and will never know that wonderful feeling of being sure. THe next day that trust in our government, our leaders, our country was forever changed. Rest in Peace Mr. President, because we haven’t had anything close to peace since the day they took you from us.”   Carolyn Burnett Thommen
I think this pretty much sums up the feeling of the generation that lived it. And for my part, it tells exactly how I have felt all of my life…like my generation was just on the back side of the best time on America. Our parents thiought we would bea ble to have what they had….but they had NO IDEA of the corruption that was afoot, that would prevent any other generation from living the American Dream as it was known before November 22, 1963.
Thank Mom for teaching us about this and keeping fresh in our minds all of our lives. I am glad I know and understand how precious happy, safe moments in life truly are to us.