Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Nov. 22-24, 2013

Posted on November 21, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Pink, Orange, White, Purple, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Silver

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Gold, Orange, Yellow, White

Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Cream, White, Silver, Lavendar

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Silver, Black, White, Red


Last weekend's full moon

Last weekend’s full moon

The week had been less intense but also kind of down, especially Thursday. Many of us have felt heavy, sad, hopeless and visited the dark side of our thoughts and imagination….time to stop that!

Friday finds us feeling more upbeat and the weekend will feel the same. We will stepping out and people will be more outgoing. Some of us maybe likely to roar a bit as well…try not to tear heads off!

We are in our lowest energy week of the month, which is good for surgery but makes us feel tired and draggy. Saturday we will see our relationships lose the hot passion and romance (just for a couple of days). But what replaces that is a deeper, more intimate desire to make the ones we love feel comfortable and secure. Knowing that the person you love loves you back just as much will be the feeling we will revel in. This goes for family as well as our romantic partners. This may not be the weekend for staying in bed with your lover, but it will be great for doing things together that make you feel close and safe.

Sunday we get a fun day of spacing out and dreaming wild, vivid dreams. Do not  DO NOT do anything dangerous….HUNTERS!!!!!! BE EXTRA CAREFUL!!!!!!!! Double check your safety and UNLOAD. Barrel down when you walk and be sure you are shooting at an four legged animal BEFORE you pull the trigger!!! Everyone should use caution when working with any thing that could hurt you, knives, stairs, ladders, walking, driving, hammer, hot water, glass…..We will not have any clarity AT ALL. This is a good day for chilling on the couch with a good book or favorite movie. Our head will feel fuzzy and we will be more dreamy than grounded. A good day to write stories, draw, music whatever muse takes you over. Sleeping is also a good option…remember to write down your dreams.

Monday after 7:30 a.m. EST the fog will begin to lift and we get a boost of motivation and ready to work energy…alwasy good to start the work week.

Please, everyone be safe….take time to send out prayers to all of those who are under going major medical stuff this week ( I have two so far….lots of prayers there). Also, accidents are likely, so please take care, triple check and if your gut says to be ware…BE WARE!!!!


Much love and all the best coming to all of you from me!!!