Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Nov. 11-12, 2013

Posted on November 10, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Silver, Lavender, White, Cream

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Silver White, Red

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Yellow, Gold, Brown, Green

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Burgundy, Purple, Turquoise, Green

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Purple, Orange, Pink, Red



Jessica and I on SAturday 11-9-2013 Dressed and ready for a holiday sale that was the best day ever

Jessica and I on SAturday 11-9-2013 Dressed and ready for a holiday sale that was the best day ever



What a month it has been. Stop, take some time to stop, be still and realize that we have made it through a VERY rough period. Give yourself a big old hug…get one from someone else, whatever you do, we made it and we deserve to take a moment to breathe and know…things are starting to smooth out. As the week progresses, we will find things smoothing out, communications, electrical, computer and travel issue swill being to get straightened out. Any mistakes we have made will be coming to the fore so we an fix them and move on. Any information that we have been missing will start coming to light, helping us to start moving things along.

Dreams and vision will be prevalent. Write them down and if you want to know hat they mean…e-mail me or comment here. Theamberlight@comcast.net

Our emotions and intuition will be elevated. Be ready to get messages through your “knowing” senses. And be sure to heed them, as they will be MUCH MORE ACCURATE than our heads just now.

Tuesday we have a special day that happens only twice per year. Go back to those who you have asked from support and help from in the past to succeed in getting a big boost in the direction of your dreams. This will be something/someone you have worked with or solicited in the past. Go back and give it another try. There is more there than we discovered the first time.

***Still not a good time to begin any love affairs. Any attractions that seem to be about relationships will not last. So if you get revved up about some new thing, remember that a fling is the best you can hope for . It will end quickly, so do not get your hopes up.

Be kind to yourselves and know that is t”stupid mistakes” and “freak accidents” are not only happening to you and they are not 100% all your fault. Nature an the Universe have something to do with the shenanigans of the past few weeks…so don’t go trying to take all of the credit for yourself….you are not the center of it all.


Going over our budgets and scrutinizing our spending will be the focus of the next several months. Revisiting ways to save, be thrifty and getting the best quality for our dollar will be top priority. For us merchants, that means giving the best we have to give with the extra mile in customer service to ensure a good buying experience….it is game on for the holiday season.

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season that has this whole screwed up timing situation behind us! Enjoy the week start!