Amber Light BOLO November 4-6, 2013

Posted on November 4, 2013


Amber Light BOLO November 4-6, 2013



This morning on my drive into work.

This morning on my drive into work.


Our business savvy and charisma gets a much needed boost Monday. This shift of energy may have the overt signs of love and affection being subdued, but when it is just the two of you….see sensual and physically satisfying. This is very supportive of fostering and deepening business relations, with clients and partners.

Be ready to step forward and shine where you can. Just be sure you know your material 100%…anything less will not pass the test.

Wednesday we will be looking at cleaning up mistakes and trimming our spending/expenses. We are in a comfort and home focused flow, so budgeting for our needs as well as treats will be the focus of this day. We will be choosy with our spending. This wave will help us be able to spend without guilt for the holidays.

Be very aware that we are accident and mistake prone. We will be finding and making errors, so do not get frustrated. Communicating may seem like walking through quicksand as we go through the week as well. WE are in week #4 of the “nothing is working the way it should” flow. Only about 10 more days until we finally start smoothing out. Plus the weekend looks to be much more lovey and fun than the past couple of weeks have been, so there is something to look ahead and be excited about.

Enjoy and please be safe my friends!