Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Nov. 4-6, 2013

Posted on November 3, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Lavender, Silver, White, Cream

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Red, Black, Sliver, White

Wednesday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Gold, Brown, Yellow, Orange

Thursday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: Purple, Burgundy, Turquoise, Green

Friday  Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red



On 56th street on the way to set up for our show today.

On 56th street on the way to set up for our show today.


We are still in the grips of the “work on your own” and “our way is best” feelings that we have been having for the past couple of weeks. Our creative process could feel as though it is being blocked. And it is in a way, but only to make sure we stick to things we are 100% capable of accomplishing. WE are not in the “new” anything mode. This includes trying to “fake our way” into opportunities. We are best to stick to the things we know how to do very well, and do them as best we can now. We will have to work to accomplish anything worthwhile, so sticking to our own wheel house where we know the ins and outs blind folded will garner much better results than if we try to step out into unfamiliar territory.

Many of us will be having bright, outstanding and what seem to be new ideas. We will be able to use them, but not now and not in the largest, most grad way we first are struck with. The energy now will help us to pare those wild ideas down into usable thoughts and methods. So write them down and start looking at them a bit more closely come mid-month.

PLEASE be safe, be kind to yourselves, to others and remember…do not give into the energy of jealousy and suspicion. What we imagine in our minds is not anywhere close to what is really happening. Do not ruin your good thing because of a crazy thought.

Monday starts slow, slugging, high in nerves and low on patience. We are best to stick to our daily tasks, start nothing new, set no appointments/dates and spend as much time doing things on our own as possible. Try to cut others the slack that you will be feeling like you need, we are all swimming in the same rough seas. Monday afternoon into Tuesday will have a bit more optimism and a good mood, although somewhat subdued.

We are moving energy all week. We will become more steadfast, less easy to convince to change and more likely to want to keep things the same as they are at present. This energy, as it comes, will help us to make tangible, meaningful progress, but it will be slow and thorough as it happens.

If we have any idea that we can scheme or con our way into making money, forget that, it will not happen. We will have to prove ourselves worthy of monetary abundance to reap it. The places we have really made an effort will prosper and those places will be a great foundation for the future.

Wednesday is another kind of lost day, as day to work around the house, work on regular tasks and save trying anything new for another day. More stubborn, thorough and slow energy comes in the after noon to carry us into Thursday. We will begin to revisit the home and family changes and tweaks we want to make in order to feel secure, happy and successful. This is a mode that beings now and last into spring.

it cannot be stressed enough that we are in the throws of some of the most revolutionary, changing energy most people alive on Earth have ever been exposed to. Try to hang onto to the knowing that we will make it, we will be happy when we get through this wave and we will be3 very happy with the results when we get to the other side of all of this “stormy weather”.

Please try to use the tools that you can find here on this blog, call others to help you download, off load and decompress. Spend time alone, be healthy with your food and drink choices and make sure to take CARE of YOU!!!! Exercise, time alone, mineral baths, new gemstones, power colors….get the support you need to help keep your head above these giant waves of change.

Everyone have a good week start and thank you all for being a part of this wonderful thing I call life!!!