Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Nov. 1-3, 2013

Posted on November 1, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Gray, Brown, Blue

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Gold

Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Lavender, Silver, White, Cream

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Red, Black, Sliver, White



My jagged pumpkin fae.

My jagged pumpkin fae.


This is a weird weekend. It is low energy, yet high in anxiety. The last three weeks have been rough ones and the next two are only mildly better. By mid-November we will begin to see things lighten up, but in the here and now, we are being deluged with strong, intense and challenging energy waves.

The weekend starts in flux mode. Most of Saturday will be a day for daily tasks and home work. Sorting out details and looking for clues or answers is supported, but be careful. There is as much harm in not having all of the info and jumping to conclusions as there is in not looking before you cross the street.

We are still in the grips of the “work on your own” and “our way is best” feelings that we have been having for the past couple of weeks. Our creative process could feel as though it is being blocked. And it is in a way, but only to make sure we stick to things we are 100% capable of accomplishing. WE are not in the “new” anything mode. This includes trying to “fake our way” into opportunities. We are best to stick to the things we know how to do very well, and do them as best we can now. We will have to work to accomplish anything worthwhile, so sticking to our own wheel house where we know the ins and outs blind folded will garner much better results than if we try to step out into unfamiliar territory.

Then Sunday we get more withdrawn, solemn and even defensive. Try to stick close to home, spend time alone when needed and get some sleep. There is an eclipse coming Monday (which we start to feel the energy of two days ahead) that will help us to totally and cleanly let go of at least one thing I our life that is no longer helping us live The Best life we a able in this moment. We will be able to break free of something that we have at times felt like we could never have the strength to overcome. So all of the regretful thoughts and lamenting over mistakes from this past week is going to end with a very hopeful knowing that we can, and more importantly WILL, be able to make the changes we know we need to make. This influence will last well into the New Year, so make time to reflect this weekend on what areas you will be shoring up and where you will be cutting loose come Monday.

Many of us will be having bright, outstanding and what seem to be new ideas. We will be able to use them, but not now and not in the largest, most grad way we first are struck with. The energy now will help us to pare those wild ideas down into useable thoughts and methods. So write them down and start looking at them a bit more closely come mid-month.

PLEASE be safe, be kind to yourselves, to others and remember…do not give into the energy of jealousy and suspicion. What we imagine in our minds is not anywhere close to what is really happening. Do not ruin your good thing because of a crazy thought.

Enjoy the weekend and get some rest!!!