Amber Light BOLO November 1, 2013

Posted on November 1, 2013


Back for a limited time! Our most popular nightlight. The palm tree night light.

Back for a limited time! Our most popular nightlight. The palm tree night light.



This is a day that will be bitter and sweet. Things are going to be shaking up our lives, our normal tendencies, typical behavior. This will help us get motivated to stretch for more than we think we are capable of accomplishing. We will find that we are more resourceful and deeply rooted than we give ourselves credit for being. We do have will power and some control over our reality, and we will feel that knowing as we progress through the weekend.

We also will experience a very important and meaningful solution to a major issue that has been blocking our progress. We will feel elated and relieved to know that we will be free to go forward without this thing weighing us down any longer.

As mentioned last week: finding/recognizing those behaviors, people, circumstances and life styles that have been detrimental to attaining our Best life is one big wave of the week. Another is realizing that we will have to step up our commitment and game if we truly want to attain to what we aspire. Not faking it to make it at this point. WE have to know what we are doing through and through, or we will not be on the path to that reality much longer…in some cases that is The Best Thing, to change courses.

Accidents abound…PLEASE use caution doing everything. Stairs, hot food/liquid, ladders, chairs, vehicles, walking, eating, you name it, take care doing it.

Conversations will be lively and could be a bit hot-collared. Try to be the one to back off if things get too tense. We are not in the mode to fight per say, but we are in a mode to think our way it the only way that is best…which is true for ONLY US Each of us has our own best…allow others to have theirs too.

The weekend into Monday report will be out later…enjoy the day of not-so-intense and dark energy as we ready for November to bring us much needed optimism and the can-do spirit to amaze ourselves.