Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Oct. 28-31, 2013

Posted on October 28, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Cream, White, Silver, Lavender

Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Silver, Red, White

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Gold, Brown, Yellow, Green

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Green, Turquoise, Burgundy, Purple

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Purple, Pink, White, Orange, Red



The sunset was fiery and beautiful!

The sunset was fiery and beautiful!

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While we feel like our energy is low (because it is in waning mode), we are faced with a week that will be like a roller coaster. The kind that make you swear off of roller coasters forever.

First we are forced to a take a good, long, detailed look at the areas where we are not making our best effort. And it will not be pretty…we already know what they are. Dealing with the change required to overcome, supersede and balance our vibration is the difficult part, the dreaded actually.

WE do not ever want to give up what is comfortable, even if it is doing us or others harm. In this particular mode we are revisiting something from our past that is blocking, hindering, stymie-ing and in all other words putting the ke-bash on the life we are meant to have as we face these changes.

Now is time to re-solve to put your will to work attaining the best you. Feeling less than successful is in the air now, but it is only the way things seem, not the way they actually are. We have a chance to move beyond the chains that are holding us fast. It will be tough, it will hurt a bit, but in the end, we will be very happy we took the hard chance and made the move.

And no sitting around for the next four days lamenting about how frivolous with life we have been, how careless, reckless and overall calloused we have been as an inhabitant on this Earth. No wasting our precious energy looking back at where things went haywire. If you have one of those moment, allow it to be felt, acknowledged by our heart and mind, then watch as you mentally tear the imagine of this sadness or lack off of the flip chart pad and throw it into the Giant Shredder In The Sky. Feel the release as those feeling go off into the Universal mix, away from you here and now.

This is a bit like grief in that it will come in waves. First is on Tuesday, as described above. Then we have all day Wednesday to stew around about those thoughts and feeling. Then Thursday:

Thursday the harder “labor pain” comes when we are call up to be accountable for our behavior over the recent past. We will be acutely aware of how we fell short in accomplishing what we set out to do BEACAUSE we did not give our 100% best effort. This will have many people feeling despondent and discouraged.

PLEASE….stay in contact with those you know have low self-esteem and are prone to severe sadness. As we have seen in the news, there are all sorts of delusional tragedies happening at present. Please be safe and vigilant of those around you. Err on the side of caution…if it FEELS, sounds or looks unsafe…steer clear!!!

Please direct everyone here to this post. I will link below to the easiest fastest ways to help relieve stress, grief and anxiety.

Get rid of obsessive thoughts NOW!  Calm yourself instantly with this easy trick. Use this color to help neutralize sadness, depression and grief.   Use this trick to help dissolve anger.

The best uses of our time and energy will be to clean, clear, examine details, work on list making and getting tasks organized. (Remember…only stuff already working/in progress….start nothing new now.)

We MUST keep in the front of mind that the life we have led up to now is what made us who we are in this Now. It did not “ruin” us, it made us the “Us” we are today. When we grow up, sometimes it is necessary to donate or hand-me-down our clothes and toys. Same goes for our experience as Humans Being. At times, we outgrow a particular piece of life, a behavior, person, even a place. When we do, we must let it go so someone else is able to start having the same type of experience in their reality. Our holding on keeps others from growing.

Most likely, after this week we will a different plan and path for the life that will come next. We won’t be diving head long into it just yet, waiting will a bit frustrating, but we will know what we need to do so that when the waves shift and the time is right, we will soar into the new us smoothly and with optimism. Try to resist forcing yourself to act in a big way ow. WE are not supporting in doing “new” things. We need to take stock, make our lists and prepare for the end of the year, when action will be more supported.



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