Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Oct. 24-25, 2013

Posted on October 23, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Turquoise, Purple, Green, Burgundy

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Purple, Orange, Pink, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Brown

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange, White

Our new banner looks so good! Can't wait for the coffee mugs!

Our new banner looks so good! Can’t wait for the coffee mugs!

Thursday and Friday are set to be high on the emotion meter. If you read this post  then you know that this has been Hell Week and we are in a period of rough energy “seas” as it were. The Universal energy acts like an ocean of water. Sometimes the seas are calm, sometimes they are stormy and rough. Now is a rough time.

Home and family will be our focus. Try not to be overly controlling or suspicious of family members and partners as they try to navigate this week just like we are doing. People are going to seem more withdrawn and sullen as well…give people their space if they ask for it or if they act like they want to be let alone. We will get better results waiting for others to come to us and we are better off working alone as much as possible over the next few weeks anyway.

These are good days to make contacts and talk business. We need to focus only on areas that have been talked about or worked on before to get the best results. New ideas, creations and relationships will not fair to well during the next three and a half weeks. Do yourself a favor and work in the areas you are likely to succeed…thins that are already in the works.

Emotional breakdowns and outbursts are likely this week (if you have not already had your day…I know of several who have). Take it  in stride, we all get too stressed, too full of feeling like we cannot do it all or control it, and it spills out and on to everyone else in the form of anger or tears or both.  Try to walk away if possible, let it out, then head back to the trenches with a load of emotion lifted. It is the only way to handle all of this pressure really.

Be sure read the BOLO that is in the link above if you have not. It gives a good idea of what we are feeling. It also lets you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! It is NOT JUST YOU and we are going to get through it. We might be a bit be-draggled and worn out by the time we make it, but we are gonna make it!

Please take care of yourselves. Long walk, hot bath, good book, nice drink, healthy dinner, indulgent snack, time with children or pets…anything to give your self a few minutes break. We all in need of some TLC from us to us!

The weekend report will be out tomorrow….looks like a more enjoyable mood is in store! Yay!!!