Amber Light BOLO 10-22-2013

Posted on October 22, 2013


We are in a rough and intense wave now.
Doom, gloom, hopelessness, regrets, suspicions, jealousy, being possessive, uncompromising and brooding are all headliners this week.
This will last at some level until mid-November. We will not be feeling this disheartened, but there will be an underlying anxiety level that will have most of is extra nervous.
I will post a tip on how to disrupt those thoughts later.
Best bet is to work alone if possible. Avoid asking or giving opinions, as no one is going to give up their perception and reaction to it easily (if at all) during this period.
Do not start any thing from total scratch as it will be difficult to turn in to reality. Work on projects in progress.
Double check that we have double checked.
Be extra careful…accidents are likely.
Be safe my dear friends!


Me at work :)