Weekend Daily Power Colors & Full Moon Energy Flow Report Oct. 18-21, 2013

Posted on October 17, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Pink, Purple, Orange, Red, White

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Gray, Black, Blue

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange, White

Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Cream, White, Silver, Lavendar


Tonight's lovely Luna bringing light to the night!

Tonight’s lovely Luna bringing light to the night!


Full Moon Weekend is upon us. One of the most intense moons of the year welcomes one of the most important times of year.

Our weekend will start fiery and full of energy. Saturday and Sunday will be more laid back and we will be ready to enjoy a comfortable, cozy weekend. This is a good couple of days to make (or re-visit) resolutions for the rest of the year. We will have some very lasting energy to re-commit to changes we want to make for improving our lives. Health, abundance, career track, finances, any area we have tried before and need to get back after is a great place to focus some of this energy.

This will also be a good time to separate from people who are not supporting our current goals and to deepen the bonds with those who are ready to head in the same direction. The energy of revolutionary (major and unprecedented) change is VERY strong now. We, as a society, and as individuals will see our world changing rapidly at this time. We need all of the true support we can count on.

Be sure to write out a note of the things you want to release. Things that are hindering your ability to take the next major steps forward in life. Then safely take it and burn it. Outside, in the sink, in a burn bowl or fireplace. Feel the blockage and hold that this thing, habit, lifestyle or person has let go of you and drift away with the smoke from the burning paper. This is a powerful tool, be ready to see a shift in how you fell about this item over the next few days, weeks and months. Be ready to have new room to fill with supportive things in place of this draining thing.

We shifted into a more nose to the grindstone flow this week. It will help us t get lots more done than usual. However…we have to watch for a couple of issues also: One is being cranky and irritable. The other is that we will think our way is the only way things can be done. Because of this it will be better off to work alone when we are able. Work on projects that have already begun and delegate the tasks so that each person can work on their own part alone, then bring them together starting mid-November.

For the rest of the month there is a tendency to be delusional about circumstances and events. Remember, if you are caught in a misunderstanding; think pink to help calm the anger waves.

This is a time to avoid starting anything, instead work on the things that have already been started. Be careful at all times as the dreaminess will increase the chances for accidents, which is increasing as we go through the month.

This energy is also VERY good for creating beautiful illusions in any artistic media. Wherever you maybe creative, do something to generate, attract and draw that energy by making something. Cooking, drawing, writing, coding, painting, singing, playing, crafting…all are good outlets for this energy.

Balancing partnerships with our need to be self supporting will be the theme that carries us through the weekend and the next month. This is a time we can discern the players who are in it with us and who are moving through. Now it is time to figure out the next main direction and who is going with.

Get the requests ready and/or written for the full moon Friday as we will be burning something that is holding us back from attaining more than we imagine. Look deep in that quiet time for a few areas, thought patterns and habits that are keeping you stagnate and pick ONE to let go of. We are going to partner with ourselves to become The Best One possible, one step at a time. Now is time to lengthen our stride. Enjoy your weekend and be safe!