Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report October 14-17, 2013

Posted on October 14, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Silver, Black, White, Red

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Gold, Brown, Orange, Green

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Burgundy, Turquoise, Green, Purple

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Pink, Purple, Orange, Red, White


On my desk at work

On my desk at work



Welcome to Full Moon week! Glad to have you aboard :o)

We start off with a similar feel as Sunday, although a bit more tired. By afternoon/early evening EST we are in a dreamy and mellow energy flow as things begin to shift.

For the rest of the month there is a tendency to be delusional about circumstances and events. Remember, if you are caught in a misunderstanding; think pink to help calm the anger waves.

This is a time to avoid starting anything, instead work on the things that have already been started. Be careful at all times as the dreaminess will increase the chances for accidents, which is increasing as we go through the month.

This energy is also VERY good for creating beautiful illusions in any artistic media. Wherever you maybe creative, do something to generate, attract and draw that energy by making something. Cooking, drawing, writing, coding, painting, singing, playing, crafting…all are good outlets for this energy.

Tuesday and Wednesday are excellent night for capturing dreams and doing distance healing, meditations and contacts with others, in physical body and out.  This is the time of year the spirit energy becomes very receptive to the other unseen energies of the Universe. Use this opportunity to visualize the reality you desire and ask for The Best way to accomplish it.

Wednesday from 3:14 a.m. to 9:17 p.m. EST (18.5 hours), we should take time to be quiet, center and do some breathing exercises. Take a walk with no phone or read with no distraction. Sit out side and listen to the sounds, absorb the vibrations of these moments. This day is best for daily, typical tasks. Our minds will be wandering and fuzzy, so try to avoid detail work until after 9:20 p.m. Wednesday.

We also get a bit of passionate fantasy and affection going Wednesday as well. And it is the fun kind, where everything is easy and no one gets hurt or goes away let down. Friends and fun will be required for passion and romance to flourish. An enjoyable vibration to go along with the dreamy day.

Thursday we come roaring in as the full moon continues to build. We will be able to use the energy from a shift on Tuesday to get LOTS of things accomplished…LOTS! These things should already have begun or be mundane tasks such as cleaning/clearing closets, drawers, rooms, house work, vehicle maintenance and creative work with ongoing projects.  The day will be fast-paced and could feel somewhat impatient as well. Balancing partnerships with our need to be self supporting will be the theme that carries us through the weekend and the next month. This is a time we can discern the players who are in it with us and who are moving through. Now it is time to figure out the next main direction and who is going with.

Get the requests ready and/or written for the full moon Friday as we will be burning something that is holding us back from attaining more than we imagine. Look deep in that quiet time for a few areas, thought patterns and habits that are keeping you stagnate and pick ONE to let go of. WE are going to partner with ourselves to become The Best One possible, one step at a time. Now is time to lengthen our stride. Enjoy your week and be safe!