Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Oct. 12-13, 2013

Posted on October 11, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Colors: Black, Brown, Gray, Blue
Sunday Personal Power Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange, White
Monday Personal Power Colors: Cream, Lavender, White, Silver

A great feeling, opportunity filled day Saturday. We will be feeling high on life, happy with the results of the day. We might have a tendency to over do it, so take care to set limits…on food, spending, libations and commitments. You will be rewarded according to your effort. We might feel like being lazy but if we give just a little extra, we will be overly compensated with great outcomes.
Sunday will be a fun day, with the left over happy vibes from the day before. Take time to spend with those who make you feel the best. Time spent alone, in nature, walking or sitting will help us to center and ground to recharge for the new week ahead that will take us to the Full Moon.